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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fellow Bloggers! Lend me your ears, lend me your tupperware!

God is doing a work in our hearts about missions.
Our church is being challenged like never before to look beyond ourselves here in America, where we are overfed physically and spiritually, and ask ourselves what role we play in sending the gospel out to the nations.
I have been wanting to involve my kids in our support of mission work. We have done that by making them very globally aware (learning about all of the continents, and the places around the world where people live in poverty and where people don't know Jesus), and by praying for missionaries and occasionally sending them care packages, put together by them.
But I have wanted us to do something more as a family that requires more than sending checks and sending our Daddy on mission trips. I want my kids to put thought and action into something...
This is the perfect way to do that!
My brother is involved with this organization, Living Water.
He goes on these mission trips where they dig wells and bring clean water to a community that has none, and then they bring the gospel message to them.
This is awesome, to see they meet their physical need for clean water, and then bring them the water that Jesus said will cause you to never thirst again!
I can imagine, after you do something like that for a community, you have their attention.
Chris' kids have done some fund-raising on their own for Living Water, and I thought that would be great for my kids too!
Our pastor just returned from India, and he said it only takes $1,000 to dig a well for a community that needs it there.
This is something I want our family to be apart of!
I watched this video from the website. I actually didn't know that the music was my brother's song, and my brother Chris is in it, when I clicked on it, so that is pretty cool. (Chris is the one with the scruffy goatee.)
It's short, so take a moment to see the people in Nicaragua revel in clean water.
Then I will tell you our game plan, and how I need your help!

Okay, so our plan is to make homemade salsa, and sell it to neighbors, etc.
We have had kids in our neighborhood hitting us up for whatever they're selling for years. And being the sucker I am for the cuties, I almost always buy something. Year after year, we buy wrapping paper, popcorn tins, and raffle tickets for stuff we desperately do NOT need so that the PTA flourishes, they get new band uniforms, and soccer teams can offer scholarships. That is all fine and good, but it's my kids' turn to hit up the neighborhood, and I want it to be for something eternally valuable!
So door-to-door we will go, selling salsa, and our goal is $1,000. If we sell them for $10, this means we need to sell 100 of them. This is going to take time for me to make that much salsa, obviously, but we hope to make it!
What would cut our costs cosiderably is this...if you could donate to me little storage containers, then I wouldn't have to buy jars to put it in. I plan on using the little Glad containers that we get when we buy deli turkey. Do y'all have those around your house? If so, and you live near me, would you mind collecting some for me and sending them my way? That would help the kids and I a ton!
Also, if you'd like to buy some salsa, that would help too!
We are excited about this opportunity. My dream is for the kids and I to someday to go on one of these trips. I know my brother goes frequently. How amazing would that be? I pray that this will cultivate a heart for missions and for those in need in my children as well. I pray God will move in them as He is moving in us.
Who will be able to resist my four adorable, little ones, pulling their wagon of salsa to their door? Hopefully, no one!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Count us in for both!!!

The Houstons said...

Oh man, this is too cute!!! Jon and I would love to help...but I need clarification on the containers you are in need of...I know I sound dumb, but I want to make sure I bring you the right kind...YAY, we can't wait. Jon and I have been praying for ways to help, change and do whatever we can after we heard the incredible message from KP and Butch this past Sunday!

Hendrick Family said...

So good!

I love this idea.


Whitney said...

jenn, you go, girl! so good to see you at Rayburn the other day!

When i was younger, my dad grew cucumbers, then made me sell them. Here I was, three years old, with a red wagon stacked with cucumbers, my red "dorothy" shoes, and a black patent leather change purse, going door to door, saying, "Cucumberths, a quarther for one, or four for a dollah"

Yes, I had a lisp. Have the boys talk in a lisp. I sold all my cucumbers. :)

Laurie said...

Jenn, this post has such interesting timing for me on several levels---my pastor just spoke on this very thing Sunday.

For whatever reason, your idea has been milling around in my mind for a day or so--can't stop thinking about how to accomplish the same thing. I love that the cause meets such a basic, huge physical need, shares the gospel, and is a small part of sharing with people who live far from us and who need things in ways we can't imagine. I really think it is the perfect idea because the kids can really relate to water (having and not having).

Just yesterday, before I mentioned anything to them because I hadn't solidified the idea and how we were going to make it happen, we were baking these tarts (Anna's idea). We were scrambling to see if we had all the ingredients, and the recipe called for water. Madeline said, "of course, we have water. Everyone has water." I thought--no, they don't.... and what interesting timing.

Well, I had the idea that we could possibly make this a Kindergarten project, but didn't know what the teachers or school would think. I talked to the director today, and she LOVED the idea. She wants to make it an entire school (pre-school and K) project. Not sure it will be salsa, but it will be something...

How great! Much thanks for the great idea---thought I would tell you that we compltely stole it and are using it here! and I love Robbie's song (another VERY timely message for me)

Keep us posted on the project...

Jennifer Bacak said...

Wow! Laurie, that is amazing!!!!
I'm so excited to hear that!
Yes, we hit the streets for the first time this afternoon. It was freaking hot! So we didn't stay out too long. But we made $20 (sold 2) and I have one more ready to sell. I think every time we make $100 we will celebrate and send in the money. Our goal is $1,000, so that may take us a year, but we're excited about this!
Emma did an amazing job giving the sales pitch, and I printed out a page from the website and encouraged people to get on the site and look further. The organization really sells itself, if you ask me.