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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Distribution of Justus

Each of the kids has a money jar.
They earn a few dollars allowance each week. They get birthday money, and they save it in their jar. (We started this because it was just getting too easy to steal their money when it was given them.) Now they save for things themselves. Like yesterday, we went to the Rennaissance Festival for School Days, and they each brought $10 out of their jar. They picked what they wanted to do with it, and when it was gone, it was gone.
But this picture shows how Justus has been viewing the distribution of the money jar. Emma had a birthday in Sept. and her jar was full. Justus' jar only had change. But suddenly one day, Emma's jar was completely empty, and his jar was full! Amazing! Usually, when Justus does something sneaky like this, like stealing the other kids' french fries or something, he leaves a little so it's not so obvious. He's brilliant! But this time, he just took it all! We had to have a little talk about this. Look at his face on the jar!? He even looks sneaky there! But this little guy keeps us entertained! When God harnasses his talents for good and not evil, he's going to do something AMAZING for the Lord!!!
I haven't updated everyone on his speech lately, but he's doing awesome! He is speaking so much and more clearly than ever! He still needs sign, but we are proud of how he is changing and even becoming more obedient. He is a joy to us! He is the comedian in the house, and says some of the funniest things! Everyday he tells me "When I wake up, I be a firefighter." Cute thing. Life is just too boring without a three-year-old in the house, you know?


Becky said...

that's my man!
I loved my "bec-bec ride woo-woo-woo" phone message - i figgured he must have gotten the picture.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

That Justus is funny and he talks so well to us in Cubbies...we love him!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you Justus!!!!!

Katy said...

Ahh I wish I was still in College Station so I could here his sweet little voice. I might be coming in town next weekend so if I do, hopefully I'll get to see you guys!!!

Katy said...

I meant "hear" not "here". Had to correct that because I do teach children to spell for a living!

The Kramer Family said...

Justus, you are the cutest little thief I know!

This is awful. When I was a little girl (very little), I would wake up extra early before everyone on Christmas morning. I would run straight to the Christmas tree to see what 'Santa' had brought for me, my sister, and my brother.

I would check out everyone's gifts (because 'Santa' didn't wrap them at our house for some reason) and the ones I liked, I would put in my pile with all of my other presents. Of course I would 'trade' things here and there, but for the most part I just took them and placed them in my stuff.

Then I would pretend to go back to bed and wait for everyone else to wake up. And when they FINALLY did, they were greeted with a mound of Lynsey's presents and not so much for the rest of my siblings.

And since 'Santa' brought them, who would even notice that I got a ton and they got, well, not a ton!

After a few years of this, I finally caught on. Because my mom and dad would sit there as I was going through my stuff and say,"Lynsey, I think Santa meant to bring that to your sister."

How terrible! Talk about missing the point of Christmas big time. I still feel awful about this. This is probably why all things wearing red and white fluffy suits don't enter into the Kramer home! I have banned them.