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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scriptural Rebuke from Emma

My seven-year-old rebuked me with scripture yesterday.
It was awesome.
We were searching for the lost remote. This is a constant problem in our house. Why are remotes so fascinating to babies and toddlers?
We just got a new satellite system (saving us a lot of money each month versus the cable thing) and if you lose the remote, you cannot operate the satellite. So when I couldn't find it, I was kind of annoyed. I was muttering worried exclamations about not finding it, and searching everywhere.
Emma stopped me and said "Remember the verse, Mom? Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything?" (Phil. 4:6)
I love this girl! She was not afraid to stop me in my tracks with scripture! I was getting worried, and thus sinning. I told her she was absolutely right, and I was absolutely wrong, thanking her for the reminder.
So of course, I did pray, and of course, we not only found the remote shortly after (in a random desk drawer ???), but also found a lost library book I had been stressing over. So I went back in to the kids and "thanked Him for all he had done." (the rest of Phil. 4:6) We praised God for listening to our every prayer and taking care of our needs.
God is good, and hearing truth come out of my little girl's mouth, is SO beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Emma!!! I am so proud of you knowing your truth so well :) I miss you, you are getting to be such a young lady!!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I love when my children do that. They are truly hiding God's Word in their hearts and having the wisdom to apply it...thank You Jesus!!!

The Kramer Family said...

She is so beautiful from the inside to the outside!

Go Emma, Go Emma!