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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jax Vader!

How I adore this precious boy!
He lights up our house.
I love the way he talks.
I love how he loves to snuggle with me.
I love the way he prays,
and kisses me goodnight.
I love how he adores his sister,
and when he leads his little brothers.
I love the big missing tooth in front of his mouth,
and his buzzed blonde hair.
I especially love that sweet smile.
He has that smile most of the time.
He's a pretty contented kid.
He dreams about his birthday all year long.
That's not an exaggeration. Seriously.
Tonight, after his big party, we will snuggle in bed together,
and I garuntee you, he'll say "So Mom, what should we do for my
next birthday?" Crack up.
We read Psalm 139 this morning, about how God knit Jax together
in my womb and has planned every single day of his life already!
I told him about how God thinks about him more times in a night than
there are grains of sand on the beach! That's the Bible!
We thanked God this morning for Jax. We thanked him for his health.
They thought Jax might have a heart problem when he was in my womb,
so this day six years ago, there was much rejoicing over his health!
We will continue to thank God for that!
We are thanking God that this year Jax came to know Jesus personally.
He is walking with the Lord and learning how to listen to His voice.
We thanked God for making Jax for His Glory! We are claiming that he
is going to be a mighty warrior for the King someday- starting now!
Then Emma prayed and thanked God for Jax, and no kidding, Jax was
so touched, his eyes teared up! He was wiping his eyes and telling
Emma thank you for praying that!
I am overwhelmingly grateful for June 19th, 2002.
I had an induced labor without an epideural. Quite memorable!
But seeing Jax's face at the end of it was a moment I'll treasure in my
heart always. He was beautiful from moment 1!
And he's been nothing but a blessing ever since.
Happy Birthday Jax! We love you!


Hendrick Family said...

Happy Birthday, Jax! We love you!

The Hendricks

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Jax!! It was so fun spending your special day with you. We love you!

Matt and Erin

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

Happy Birthday, Jax!! I hope you had so much fun!!

Cindy Seay said...

You are awesome, Jax. We love you!!!!
Nana and Pop-Pop

ADW said...

Hey Jax! Happy birthday buddy! Emily and I will try to Skype to tell you that in person! I miss you buddy...