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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What happens when you take a shower?

For most people, the only thing resulting from a shower is cleanliness.
Not so in my house.
Crazy, crazy things happen when I get in the shower.
I step in, knowing that it's risky, leaving Treston unattended.
But sometimes you just smell, ya know?
I ask Emma to watch him, and she tries...but then she realizes she MUST make a sock puppet right away, and she's off.
And it's not like I'm lingering in the shower. No, I'm speed showering.
That should be an Olympics for Parents sport.
(Jogging while pushing a double jogging stroller would be another event. I have many events planned in my mind...another post.)
But recently, even with the speed showering, no matter how speedy I wash, Treston is speedier.
He finds lipstick in my drawer (lipstick? I haven't worn lipstick in about five years...but he can find the tiny free sample in the back of a drawer) and puts it all over his face (see picture)...and then the walls...and then the carpet. Why not?

Last Sunday morning I took a shower. You know,cleanliness is next to Godliness? What does that mean? Anyway, I stepped out, and then wished I could step back in and hide there until Rusty came home. (That would have been about three hours.) He had reached the kids' red toothpaste and squeezed out the tube EVERYWHERE we had carpet. Not on the wood floor. That would have been too easy. And then he found some of his books and squeezed toothpaste in between EVERY, SINGLE PAGE. Seriously? This took much diligence, focused attention, and fine motor skills. Based on that skill, I think he's ready for Kindergarten. I'm still finding globs of red toothpaste everywhere. That was all before I got the kids to church by myself. That was awesome preparation time for worship, let me tell you.

And then there's the times when I've come out to find him on the computer. Not only has he Sharpied the screen of my laptop, but pulled up about 15 different screens, doing things that never should be done to a computer. How did he find a Sharpie?

If you know Justus well, you know I have boys who are incredibly gifted in mischief. They are just plain talented. This makes life crazy for me now, but I have no doubt that God is going to harnass their talents for good and not evil someday. He has to.


The Roberts' said...

oh my. stories like these scare me!

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter. All over the couch, the chest freezer, the living room carpet; and from head to toe on the guilty artist. Our then 3 year old daughter. She's 16 now and still loves art. We try to limit the peanut butter painting though!


Kellie Myers said...

HAAAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAa! I can totally HEAR YOU! Crazy things like that happen at my house and I am NOT even in the shower! Like my back is turned for 2 seconds or I am on the phone or someone has come to the door! God bless them!

Sarah said...

Oh T-bear! Those pictures were hilarious. He's going to do something amazing for God with those talents one of these days!

Jana said...

I'm learning that boys are much different than girls in the MESS dept. Bless your heart --- you have 3! lol

Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

Hey Jenn! I found your blog after talking with Missy this weekend. I hope things are well, it looks like you have your hands full! I enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with where you are now.

Lots of love to you and your family!
Sean Cornish

Anonymous said...