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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I had a brilliant idea...

Justus could totally be Obama for Halloween!
Can you see it? Put some slacks and a long-sleeve polo shirt, sleeves rolled-up, on the kid...it would be perfect!
However, this would have to compete with his ideas of what to be for Halloween.
His top ideas right now are: 1) Jaba the Hut 2) a monkey 3) a penguin
I'm going to work on it.


Emily said...

Oh Justus! I love and miss you!


christina Simpson said...

I love your blog, and I am learning how to cook from your recipes. I have a quick question about the dirt cake...

I am making it for a Halloween party tonight. I bought all my ingredients today, but I was not sure about the pudding.

This may sound like a crazy question, but do I actually prepare the pudding first, or do I simply pour in the instant mix?

Sorry for such a silly question. I am a total amateur at this cooking thing, but I am trying to learn. Thanks!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I probably didn't get this in time, sorry! I've been gone all day! But you just combine the powder pudding mix and the milk and beat it together.
I hope it turned out great!

Anonymous said...

holy cow... that would be perfect. I want to see pictures if this does occur!

Nichole said...

I love Justus...

and I know I say this all the time and that you probably dont believe me...but I really really really want to come love on your kiddos soon....really really really!

CarpioFamily said...

yes, Jabba the hut. I so want to see that.

Easton's going as a Clone trooper, but with a lightsaber. He says they're cooler then their blasters.

I think Justus would be cute in any costume though.

- Kaylene