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Monday, October 06, 2008

Jax sings "He's My Rock"...

I forgot I had this on the computer until I saw Ashton singing on Heather's blog today. Wow, that was hysterical!
There's just nothing like these songs. I know the days are passing quickly so I need to capture them all on tape. Jax is my most passionate singer. I LOVE sitting next to him during family worship. I've got to tape some of those songs next.
Here you go...in his pirate shirt and all.


Cindy Seay said...

Oh yeah!!!!!
i love it!

Emily said...

Oh my heart hurts...his is so adorable!


Liz said...

he is absolutely hilarious!
i told your mom that jax and ezra's personalities seem similar to me...
they are little entertainers!