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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

9 years ago today, after about 45 hours protest in labor, little Emma entered our world. She was obviously comfortable where she was, and didn't come willingly.
She was born at 2:55am at Northwest hospital in Amarillo.
She had the loudest cry of any baby I'd ever heard, and the biggest, most alert, blue eyes. They seemed huge to me. From the moment she was born, she seemed determined not to miss a thing (so sleeping was not an option, naturally) and it was as if she was sure she could tell us what to do and we would comply.
I remember bringing her home and having the revelation I think many young mothers do...about how much God loves us as a Father, how much my parents love me, and not believing how much I loved this new little person.
So of course, I cried, rocked and nursed her, and Rusty would tentatively say "Are you okay?" wondering where his even-keeled wife went, and who was this blubbering woman in the rocker?
I would sob "Yes. I just love her so much!" Sob. Sob.
Post-Partum. There's nothing like it.
So entered Emma into our lives, and what a precious life change!
We've watched her grow, from that super active, strong willed little one, into the little girl we know who submitted her life to the Lord and loves Him with all her heart.
Some of my favorite things about Emma:
1. How she loves God and His Word! (It's 6:30 and she's sitting on the couch right now doing her Bible Study book. What's better?)
2. The way she reads. She is a voracious reader, and that has been one of my great aspirations for my kids. She devours her library books, and then we must make an emeregency library trip when she's done.
3. She begs me for "homework" and lots of it. I don't seem to give her enough work, in her opinion. Clearly, she gets the "nerd" genes from her father. It pays to marry a brainiac.
4. She's so her own person. Maybe this is intensified because she's homeschooled, but she has always been an intense animal lover, seriously, since before she could talk. Her obsession with elephants came first,before she was two, then dinosaurs, then horses. That one stuck. And if you know my daughter, one of her great talents is being able to "run like a cheetah", and she'll gladly race you on all-fours. It's a little uncanny how quick she is. She's just Emma. Not a girl who likes princesses, purses, dresses, or pretty shoes, but can tell you anything you want to know about animals, habitats, and is what we call the "animal whisperer."
5. She's a little bit fearless. I think her desire and willingness to do what she does on horses, and then compete against a group of older, more experienced riders at horse shows demonstrates this. I love watching her in action! There is nothing sweeter to me than this girl and a horse.
So Celebrating you is our joy, Em! Happy birthday, love! I hope today is a memorable one.


The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Emma!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I can't believe how old you're getting! I've loved watching you grow up the past few years, especially in the Word.
We love you!!

aeoiurjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Cade says happy birthday too!)

Feldman Family said...

Happy birthday to you...cha cha cha!!! We love you Emma!!!
(and without you, my girls wouldn't know how to run like a cheetah!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!! I just love who you are and always have been :) Miss you!!!

Williams Five said...

Happy Bday Emma!

Hendrick Family said...

Happy BD Emma! We love you and the horse you rode up on.

Adam & Emily said...

Happy Birthday Emma! We love you and miss you!

Emily, Adam, and Josiah

The Arguellos said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and your mommy described you so well. You are unique and special, so perfectly designed. Jader and I send you birthday blessings from Nicaragua. :) Thank you for your prayers for us!