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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help me!

I would like to find the ultimate photo sharing, storage site. I'm on winkflash right now, but I can't really access my photos like I'd like. I want to be able to store them on a site, but then access them to put on my blog, e-mail them to myself, or do whatever I want with them. I also want to make super easy photo books that don't cost a fortune, and have high quality prints. Winflash is cheap, and I love cheap! But I don't think the quality is the best, and it takes forever to load them on the site. Does anyone have a magic site you can tell me about? I'm wondering about sites like photobucket and seehere.com, but it's hard to find answers to these questions just by looking at their site.
Help me! Someone out there must have an answer for me!


liz said...

try flikr.com
you can store your photos and then easily print pics with Qoop or books with Blurb or cards with Tiny Prints.
(they all partner)

or try picnik.com
similar but with great editing capabilities.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't know much about what all is out there... but, I use Flickr... which is kinda the central hub for photographers.

In order to have unlimited storage, you have to pay a yearly fee... it's not a ton though.

As far as good photo books, Blurb.com is linked with Flickr and does an excellent job with books. I have printed some stuff with them and have been really pleased with the results.

That's my 2 cents...

Laura said...

Flickr and blurb is the way to go. But I think you have to pay to store a lot of photos on Flicker.

kseale said...

We use picasa for picture storage. It allows my mom to be able to print pictures in Arizona. I am currently looking at shutterfly for the books. It will take pictures directly from my picasa.

The Vann's said...

I have heard of dropshots.com - not sure if it can do all you need it to but it's worth a look.


keely said...

we use picasa - mainly because it's free and others can download your pictures. You can also download their free editing software, which works great with blogger b/c it's google. I print books from Shutterfly have been very pleased with the way they turn out!

Sarah said...

I use flikr and love it. The only limit you have is how many photos you can upload a month, but once the new month rolls around your limits reset. They have great connections to other sites to get your photos printed or made into something else.

Crystal K Hall said...

I love using scrapblog.com for my photo books. I've gone to a completely paperless system because scrapbooking was taking too much of my time. You can make books for free or you can purchase credits and add cute stuff to your books. It's just like regular scrapbooking but at the end you can post your books online or have them printed. --Crystal