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Monday, October 23, 2006


Sometimes we make-up our own words.
Like: Nastify v. or adj. - to make something totally gross and nasty.
Let me us it in a sentence for you.

Justus got into my lip gloss and totally nastified it.
(That was the word used as a verb.)

Justus got into my lip gloss and now it is all nastified.
(used as an adjective.)

Feel free to slip that into your daily conversation. It works quite nicely.

I want to know if other people make-up words in their house? Tell me, so I can use them too!


Anonymous said...

my husband claims to be shakespeare over here. this man is makin' up words right and left!
of course, all of them elude me at the moment. i'll be back with more on that later.

Anonymous said...

I like the word "stank." I don't like the actual connotation of it, but I think it was a female Hendrick who coined that term. Love it.

I have a "phrase of the day" most days. This is a RANDOM song lyric, or word that repeats itself like a broken record in my head ALL DAY.

I'm keeping track.

Keep it real dawgs,

Arlene said...

I often say Ridonculous...when something is way beyond ridiculous and that word is just not sufficient!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Good one Arlene. That reminded me that we use the word gi-normous often. I don't know if Will Ferrell originated it in "Elf" or how far it goes back, but I'm pretty sure it's not in the dictionary. So we didn't make that one up.

My kids say "best" in place of but, except, and the actual word best. They will say "Best, I don't have anything to wear." or
"No Mommy's best like you." or "I would have brushed my teeth best I forgot."
They overuse this word like crazy. Don't know where their crazy words come from but I love them.
If anyone ever reads Emma's comments on Anson Hendrick's blog, you will see a lot of the word best.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn!

I almost cracked up outloud when you mentioned the 'best' thing...

I do remember noticing it when I first started baby-sitting, and now that you mention it, I guess I do still hear them say it.

But its like I had actually forgotten that's not a correct use of the word...

When Emma tells me, "best we can't put the lid on tight because the grasshoppers can't breave": I'm not even aware that its the wrong word because I've gotten so used to hearing it in that context!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what your plans are for this weekend, but the chemistry department is having an open house for the kids in town to help spark an interest in the sciences.

Although I’m biased I highly recommend going! I think Emma and Jax would love it! (and the Chemistry Road Shows are waaaayyyyy cool! Even for us ‘older kids’)



Melodi said...

Ditto on the chemistry open house. We've gone for years and the road show is not to be missed!

Now...on the word thing....this was one coined by my sister and I as kids, and now I've taught my kids: zoomie power!!! If we have to do a chore that none of us really wants to do, we say in sllllooooooooooooooowwwww motion, "one......two.......three.....ZOOMIE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!" and run screaming to do the chore as fast as possible! We laugh, we scream, and we get something done!

Another thing I love is when my kids have said something wrong all their lives, but then suddenly, when they learn to read, they come across that word and say, "Hey! That says "able!" I thought it was "avle!"

Patrick had so much trouble with the "f" sound as a wee young one, that Mark would practice and practice and practice that sound with him. He always did a "th" sound for "f." Well, it worked....KIND of.....he got the f's right finally, but he switched them with "th's!" I am STILL catching him saying, "Let's eat breakthast." ha!!!!

Garratts said...

Reese says Bryce is pesterating her.

A cross between pestering and aggrivating.

Hendrick Family said...

I say, Anson, will you uncle your brothers?

That's a short cut for unbuckle.

I will keep thinking.

If someone is totally depressing, we call them eyoric after pooh's sad friend.

I think my whole vocabulary is made up, so I'll be on the look out and comment as they come.


Anonymous said...

You totally forgot the best one........ Jax: "Emma you UNCLERUPTED me!" I about died when we heard him say that! I think I could listen to him talk all day long!

Oh yeah....and what about Justus I mean he makes up words for other words all the time..... When he wants my attention he says "ugghh..." really deep! =) I really think I will miss that once it is gone!!! =)

I love your KIDS!