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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nacho Mama!

I decided on my Grandma name.
Nacho Mama.
I saw a letter addressed the other day to "Nacho Mama."
That's all. Just Nacho Mama.
I think that is the coolest Grandma name.
The other Grandma won't choose it.
No one will forget it. Everyone will say
"Hey, it's Nacho Mama!!!"
And I love nachos. I made them for dinner this week
and they were GOOD!
Your Grandma name is very important, because you could
have it for like, 50 years. It's about as important as
your real name.
I've got dibs on Nacho Mama.


Melodi said...

O.K., I love Nacho Mama, but I love my sister's idea even better, I have to admit. Her first idea was great (I can't remember it right now), and she loved teasing her boys about their future kids calling her that, but then she told them about our nephews. Our nephews had my mom as a grandma, of course, but their other grandma was called "Chick." My sister's youngest son quickly said, "Hey! They could call you Chick and call Dad "Pops," so then you'd be....Chick and Pops!" ha!!!!!!!!! I told her that is a MUST! I LOVE that!

Anonymous said...

My family just went thru this name picking thing...here are a few of the names that came out:

Pee-Paw...my dad didn't really go for this one, despite the fact that my sister teased him relentlessly. um, can any one say URINATE!?

Pap...but I told my mom if dad was named this then she'd HAVE to be SMEAR (jenn, you said it on your blog first!). Needless to say, they didn't pick Pap.

My mom wasn't too thrilled about BIG MAMA J. And I don't blame her.

My sister is thrilled about being called PEACHES...which I'll admit is pretty cute.

How about "Grandma in the wheelchair"??? Yep. It's true. I've actually heard of someone being called this!

Hopefully, you're a little ahead of schedule picking out a name...but I do like your Nacho Mama. It has the potential for SO many cool jokes. :0)

Melodi said...

I just called my sister and asked what her first idea was about her grandma name. It was "Doodah!" She said her group of girlfriends would be the Camptown Ladies! ha!

the groves said...

I think Nacho Mama is very cute and it really goes for the fact that you won't be their mama, but their grandmama.. get it.. "not yo mama" :)


Hendrick Family said...

I want to be called Honey.

I want Aaron to be called Bisquit.

Kathryn Berilla said...

I think I want to be called Granny Red because the glorious thing about redheads is they do not go gray.
My mother (whose hair is the same color as mine) does not have a gray hair on her head!!!

CarpioFamily said...

Hey heather did you get the honey nime from Reese's grandma?? Any way i think that's a good name for a grandma.

JudyD. said...

Reese calls her grandma Honey and her grandpa Bisquit. It really is so cute.

Hendrick Family said...

Well...I don't know where we got the name Honey for my KK to call me...maybe it was Donna, but I know for SURE the Bisquit came from Ashley's parents...cause that's funny. Aaron, like Ashley's dad, will make a great Bisquit.

Whitney said...

jen it was fun to meet you last night! let's be real friends!!!