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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday T-Bear!

Treston Jeremiah Bacak is 2 today! Man, this kid is cute!
My favorite things about Treston...his cookie monster impersonation, his "angry eyes" (ask him to do it for you! It's hilarious!), his laugh, his total adoration of trucks and how he waves at the drivers when they go by, his hair, his squatty little football body, his hugs, and a thousand other things.

Rusty says "I love the fact that he can run a 4.0 forty, and put his head down at the end of it and knock you down on your bottom...and smile the whole way."

Emma says "He's so cute, and he just makes me laugh! And his angry eyes."

Jax says "He smiles all the time and he plays with me."

Justus says...nothing. But I could tell you it would that he has a partner in his endless pursuit of mischief. They're quite a team in that respect!

Happy Birthday Treston! You are so loved!

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The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Treston!! We love you so much!

p.s. Jenn, awesome slide show!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday T-Bear! You are such a wonderful blessing.I love you tons!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Treston!!! I loved seeing all your pictures :)

Cindy Seay said...

We love you so much, T-Bear!
Nana and Pop-Pop

kellie said...

He is sooo cute! Happy Bday Mr. Treston!
Jenn, was that MC Hammer???? That takes me back!

Hendrick Family said...

Happy Birthday Big-Un.

We love you and your angry eyes!


The Vann's said...
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The Vann's said...

Wow... 2 Years old... I can hardly believe it... He is growing up SO fast. We have been so excited to have such a critical "backstage" part in his life and it is amazing that when we get to see him, we see how God has already answered SO many of our prayers. We can already see how God is going to use some of his dominant ;) Characteristics to make such an awesome impact in His kingdom. Praying for many more years and missing you all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY T-BEAR!!!!!