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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jax cracks me up!

This kid is hilarious.
He memorizes everything he hears. (Scary, I know!)
So he uses movie lines in his everyday vocab.
Today I was in my room, and he busted open the door and said to me
"Mom, you're so cute I could dunk you in my coffee!"
(Except it sounds like "you're so coot I could dump you in my coffee.")
What would I do without those moments?
I can tell you. I'd go insane. These moments of pure comic relief provided by my little people keeps me going! I love it!


Feldman Family said...

i love that kid! he is hilarious & joy filled!

Anonymous said...

awesome that you have those moments to smile at! love you Jax :)

Emily said...

AWWW We love and miss you Jax! You are so hilarious and adorable!

Jana said...

Hello Bacak family. It's Rusty's old nurse Jana. Came across your blog surfing the net and have been reading . Your family has grown and is beautiful. Can't believe how the kids have grown and the new additions are adorable. Love reading your blog. I started one a week ago(yes i know i must keep up with the times.) Home on the range is our name. Would love for you to see it.