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Friday, July 25, 2008

Rock Star Preachers

I don't know how you qualify a "rock star preacher", but the Houston Chronicle has made a list of 10 of them, and not surprisingly, my brother's in the The Chronicle again.

(This is sort of a monthly occurrence though. They love him at the Chronicle.)

Most of you know my rock star bro, Robbie, but I have two other rock star brothers.

Chris and Brian.

(Brian, you're a rock star too.)

Check out this link. You'll recognize some of the others on the list. Pretty interesting.

Chris is on the 9th page. (click the 9th box below the picture.)


The Crawfords said...

Hey Jen,

We are fans of your brothers here at the Crawford household! Andrew is really into this book called, "Unchristian" at the moment and was so excited to come tell me that your brother wrote in it! Your family is so talented! ;) We were blessed to hear Chris preach at our church this year! He speaks from the word! Love you and Miss you guys!

kellie Myers said...

Jenn your family's love for the Lord is so AMAZING!

Mike Hurt said...

Jen...check out my post on this: