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Friday, September 19, 2008

Seay Family Adoption- You can help!!!

You see these cute kids? These are my nieces and nephews. They're waiting for their new siblings, who are waiting in an orphanage in Africa unaware of the forever family that is theirs. God has done a sweet thing in my brother Brian and his wife Amy's hearts. He put a fire in them to adopt. I know that doesn't sound crazy, knowing our family and all, but they already have four kids...and not a big house...and not a fat paycheck. Brian does the kind of work for Compassion that we should all experience in our lifetime. Seriously, their heart for the poor all over the world has changed our whole family, and the way they live their faith in that work is what the Gospel is all about.
As you may know, adoption is expensive. International adoption is way expensive. And they are being doubly blessed with a sibling set, so the expenses are more than they have already raised.
Here's what I believe and am not afraid to say on this blog...God loves the orphans. His heart is for the fatherless. We should all have His heart when it comes to adoption. Does that mean that everyone will adopt? I suppose not, but I think it does mean that we should all prayerfully consider what part we play. Financially supporting families who are on board with this adventure is a HUGE way to help! They couldn't do this without the generosity of others. So jump on! Here is the e-mail my brother sent out explaining the fundraiser on his blog. Check it out, and buy an "unticket." You might even win a vacation out of it!

As you know, my family is in the middle of an adoption from Africa. We accepted a referral last week for an amazing 9 year old boy and 4 year old girl. I can’t share photos, names, or much of their story until the adoption is finalized but take my word for it when I tell you how beautiful and incredible these 2 kids are. We have been calling them “Y” and “S” on the blog and they are a sibling set where the big brother takes great care of his little sister and that girl can melt you with a smile from thousands of miles away.
Because of some unique circumstances surrounding our adoption, it looks like we will have to stay in Africa for up to 3 weeks when we travel to pick up our children. This is 2 weeks longer than we had planned. Because of this increase in time and the fact that we are now adopting older children, we feel it is important to take all 4 of our biological children with us to Africa. The first 3 weeks with our new children will be bonding and attachment time that we don’t want the rest of the family to miss. SO, we are working on raising some money to cover the remaining travel costs we have.
On our blogs today we began an UNRAFFLE (no raffles in this family because of our Southern Baptist heritage!) where we are selling $25 UNTICKETS. For every $25 donated, that person/family will have 1 ticket in a drawing for a 7day/night resort certificate good at hundreds of destinations. We actually have 2 of these certificates and 1 will go to the winner of the drawing and 1 will automatically go to the person/family that donates the largest amount of money.
Go to my blog (http://brianseay.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/the-unraffle/) and check out all the details. Feel free to pass this along to anyone and everyone who might be interested in purchasing an UNITCKET or 2 (or 50). If you have a blog, prayerfully consider linking our direction as we try to raise the travel money needed to get a family of 6 from Nashville to Africa and then that same family plus 2 back home.

THANKS in advance for your help!

Brian Seay

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Amy Seay said...

Thank you so much Jenn! And tell sweet Emma happy late birthday from all of us! We love you Emma!