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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Something tragic happenned yesterday morning.
Okay, tragic may sound extreme. But in my world, it feels pretty extreme.
So if you'll allow me to be melodramatic, I would appreciate it.
My coffee machine broke.
If you're picturing a little coffee machine wear your pour grounds into a filter and water into the top, pull out your big eraser and get rid of that image.
My husband blessed me with one of the greatest gifts any husband has ever given a wife several Christmases back. He gave me a REAL coffee/ cappuccino machine.
It grinds the beans and makes single, heavenly cups of coffee.
It makes the best coffee I've ever had. I like it better than Starbucks.
I'm a previously confessed and non-repentant coffee diva.
Please know, I'm overall pretty darn low maitenance. Ask my husband. I hate the word diva. I grew up on a budget, and with a totally non-pretentious Mom (thanks Mom!) and so there are few things that I am willing to buy that are top of the line!
But my coffee machine...it's brought me great joy. It's drawn me closer to the Lord. It's allowed me to have four kids in six years and never once sleep through them. When we travel, if possible, we pack up that enormous machine and put it in the van. I'll leave a few suitcases behind if we have to. If we can't bring it, I mourn the loss of my coffee the whole time. Y'all get it.
The truth is, I love coffee without liking coffee. I love the effect of coffee. I love that I can wake up and meet with the Lord in the 6's every morning. I love that I have enough get-up and go to attack my day. I owe it all to coffee.
I love fru-fru coffee, as Rusty puts it. When I see people drinking coffee black, I'm baffled and apalled. How? Why? That doesn't even come close to tasting good!?
Why would you drink coffee black (gag) when some brilliant person invented flavored creamer? When you have white chocolate macadamian nut creamer at your HEB? Why!?
So Rusty awoke me yesterday morning with the news.
Before I even opened my eyes, he broke it to me. "The coffee machine is broken."
I awoke with a start. "What? How? Why? Fix it! We need a new one!"
"They're expensive..." he says.
"We can sell one of the children."
Which one?" he says.
"Whichever one gets the most spankings today." I say.
So right now, I'm drinkiing normal, everyday coffee. It's really dark. It has no foam. It's sub-par. Extremely sub-par.
I know y'all don't feel sorry for me.
But if you see me and I look tired, ragged, the light is gone from my eyes, I wanted you to know why.
Sad day in the Bacak house.


The Vann's said...

WOW, that is an incredibly tragic day... Anyone who has ever stepped into the Bacak home knows about the "miraculous coffee machine" and its INCREDIBLE products!!! Well as I enjoy my nice cup of coffee this morning I will say a prayer for your family because if you are anything like me when you dont get your morning cup it could be a bad day... haha jk... miss ya'll, miss your family...-nv

Emily said...

This is grave news Jen...You'll survive, hang in there. I'm grieving with you. I loved drinking your coffee at your house!

Crawford Family said...

I am feeling your pain Jenn. I loved that machine! Other than loving your family to pieces... that machine made my stay at your house WONDEFUL! ;) SO sad for you.

Love you!!! ;)

The Roberts' said...

wow, it sounds like i have been drinking caramel flavored poo for over a year. that machine sounds amazing, so i truly grieve with you for your loss.

Amanda said...

Yesterday morning when Rusty told me this, I wanted to cry for you. I know how much this coffee maker means to you!! Let's hope that Rusty can mess with it and get it to work again.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my...

Do we need to have a funeral...or a memorial service...something?

I'll come, and I'll wear black, and say a few words if you need me to.

We won't forget you coffee maker from heaven.


Tricia said...

I just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog - and I have decided to ask for one of those coffee machines for Christmas :)

Andrea said...

You should probably consider getting the extended warranty. :)