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Saturday, November 01, 2008


As you can see, the kids were cuties.
Our Princess,
Darth Vader,
Barrack Obama,
& an adorable bear for three seconds, and then back to his Superman pj's.
Oh, and Rusty was an excellent security detail for Senator Obama.
Justus went around, shaking hands and saying "I'm for change!" and "We can do it!" (instead of "Yes we can"...he got that one a little confused.)
Some houses on our street greeted him warmly (blue houses),
while other houses, red houses, begged for a different kind of change.
We thought it was very funny.
Of course the costume is not a political endorsement...it's just hilarious!
How many of your kids can pull off Barrack Obama? Pretty great, right?
So we had a wonderful time. We trick-or-treated and then went to the Hendrick's.
The last picture of Jax counting his candy cracks me up. That was first thing this morning. Then he organized his candy into different labeled bags, and made a few trades. I vividly remember the organization of the candy and the very serious trading my brother Robbie and I did. Awesome!
Halloween was fun.
We did a Bible Study in the morning and talked about why we stay far away from evil and darkness. (Ephesians 4 was a great text for that.) But Rusty and I have decided that the silly costumes and candy are not evil or dark. I know every parent makes the call on that one. Costumes are the every day norm around here, so we just add in candy, and it's a perfect day for my kids!
Thanksgiving is next, and I can't wait! I love holidays!


Nicole said...

Rusty makes a mean secret service!!! That is so great!

Sarah said...

This made my night, just thought you should know. I was studying and decided to take a break and see what was new in the bacak world and once i saw justus's costume it cracked me up. I was laughing so hard it made me cry. That was a great idea for a costume and Rusty made a very convincing security agent!

Anonymous said...

love those pictures!!! i bet Halloween is a really fun night with your kiddos :)

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

I have tears in my eyes, I'm laughing so hard!

I'm linking this on my blog. Too cute.

Emily said...

Your kids are TOO cute! By the way, you need to add a photo of you as a homeschool mom...you left me laughing for hours just thinking about your outfit!!

Love you!