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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Precious Words

My Emma loves mustard. So while we were eating lunch, she said "Mom, if mustard were a real guy, I would want his autograph."
I loved that!

Later on, I was reading a story to them before nap time. I read from Emma's reader a story called "The Arrogant Geese". I was explaining to them what arrogant meant, and how the Bible tells us to always be humble. Emma said "Mom, am I humble? Will you tell me if I'm not being humble? I don't want to be prideful."
I told her, we could both keep each other accountable to that. She ASKED ME to hold her accountable!? She genuinely did not want pride in her life.

How great is this kid!?


Arlene said...

SOO precious!!!! What amazing fruit is rising up in your home from the way you & Rusty are so commited to our Maker :) Love it!

Feldman Family said...

praise the Lord! wish we as adults could be so simple! :)

love that girl (although not her affinity for mustard)