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Friday, November 14, 2008

Jenn's favorite clean things

Okay, I'm not Oprah and millions of people don't clamor in anticipation to know my favorite things, but don't we all have those little products that we love? Well as a home Administrator/ Domestic Engineer (that's right, think of your self a fancy title if you're a stay-at-home Mom, you deserve one!) I have a few things I love right now. You might too.
#1 is the Huggies Clean Team handsoap. Okay, this is really fun! It is a foam handsoap with a dinosaur dispenser head that lights up when you use it. It will flash a light for 20 seconds, which is how long you want your kids to wash their hands. It really works! You want to keep washing until the light turns off! Now, the Amazing Dr. Bacak would tell you the one of the best ways to keep your family healthy this season is to KEEP HANDS WASHED! He washes his hands about 300 times a day, and when someone is sick, he tells me "keep everyone's hands washed" here at home. You should always listen to the Amazing Dr. Bacak. We had sweet little Ashton over yesterday. (We love that kid! Have you seen him singing songs on Heater's blog?) But they have had some vomiting going on at their house, so as soon as he got here, I introduced him to the fun new flashing soap. He liked it. We all kept our hands washed, and everyone feels good. If it costs more than your regular soap, it may pay off in your lack of diseases. Just a little tip.

#2 And I've posted this one before, but it's worth repeating...The Magic Erasers. I don't know what to tell you, except they're MAGIC. I used to want to cry when one of my kids Sharpied a white coffee table or cabinet, or say, my computer screen. But now I reflexively look with horror, and it melts into a smile. The Magic Eraser. It will rescue me. I don't have to cry. I use these on my walls, which get pretty bad sometimes, and baseboards, and basically on everything. It's magic.

I know y'all have seen these before. I actually buy the generic brand of these, but I have found these really helpful in my kids helping out with cleaning the bathrooms. One of their jobs in the morning is to go wipe down their bathroom sink, and they can just grab one of these little wipes, and clean up the sink, toilet, (which is pretty nasty with little boys in the house) or an accident on the floor, instead of them going crazy with a spray bottle of some kind. Anything that helps my kids get their clean on works for me.
Now please! Give me some of yours!


Tricia said...

I use every one of yours and LOVE them! One of my other favorites is Swifer Wet Jet - it is a great way to get my 8 year old to help out with keeping all the wood floors in the house clean. I do however have to limit how many times she can press the little 'spray cleaner button' - only 5 times per room!

Charlie said...

Hey Jenn,

Does the Clean Team soap have a top that you can unscrew and rescrew?

If so you could put the money into it upfront by buying the bottle and then refill it with the cheaper soap (mixed with a little water for the foam, of course).

Kirby is a money saving genius. She does the same thing with the above-mentioned Wet Jet, too.

Mandy said...

I love my Roomba! After we clean up the dishes, we let the Roomba vacuum the kitchen floor while we get the kids in bed. I also run it after breakfast while we are doing schoolwork. Then, when I get a break it only takes me a few minutes to mop because it's already been vacuumed. I tell myself it would be super easy for me to sweep, but the multi-tasker in me is in love. My floors get vacuumed while I'm doing other things!
Oh, and I agree about the wipes. My kids use them to wipe down their bathrooms every day. We recently ran out and I couldn't believe how fast the bathrooms got nasty.

Emily said...

I can't wait to buy a magic eraser! If your read our latest post you will see I have just begun to nest. I am currently the most grossed out with the base boards and our tubs. Base boards I only clean ocassionally but why do they ALWAYS get dirty? And our tubs have serious issues. I am married to a very clean man and I'm not so dirty and both our tubs are always dirty unless I have cleaned them in the last five minutes. Actually, I just cleaned them and I'm still not 100% sure they are clean. Who cleans their tub everyday? I thought once a week would suffice but they seriously ALWAYS gross me out. I'm going to try magic eraser on them...i'll keep you posted:)

Emily the "a little extreme about cleaning right now:)"

The Brown Family said...

Jenn-I don't know if you remember my husband Blake and I. You both led our pre-marital couseling almost 5 years ago. We were Rusy's Lilly Reps. Anyways... I just came across your blog from years ago and wanted to say hello. It sounds like everything is going well for you all. We have 2 precios little ones now here in San Antonio. I love the hand soap trick as I am trying to keep the 2 little ones sick free this winter!
Take care! Megan Brown

Frank, Mike said...

I also run it after breakfast while we are doing schoolwork. Then, when I get a break it only takes me a few minutes to mop because it's already been vacuumed. I tell myself it would be super easy for me to sweep, but the multi-tasker in me is in love.