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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Luke 2 Memory Verses, by Bacak kids

I will be so sad when Jax gets that front tooth in and can talk properly. That may be wrong, but listen to him recite Luke 2. My favorite part is "swabbling cloths"!
This is the passage we learned for Advent this year.

This is Emma doing Luke 2, and then watch at the end, Justus and Treston joining in! So funny!


Elizabeth Seay said...

it says the video is private?
it won't let me view it...

Anonymous said...

i ditto what elizabeth says! it told me the same thing :(

Jennifer Bacak said...

Sorry! I fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Jenn, that is truly amazing to see kids absorbing and reciting the Word like that - and whole passages - awesome! Not to mention a bit of a conviction that I should be able to do at least that. Keep teaching your kids these wonderful things!

Cindy Seay said...

I cried - nothing sweeter than hearing our kids speaking God's Word!!!

Emily said...

So cute! Can I steal Justus for a little while? I mean he stole our cufflinks...I think I should get him as payback for a bit:).

I'm so jealous ya'll went to Christophers. It was indeed such a fun night. Remember the coffee afterwards? It was so fun to hang out again. Adam and I are still praying God "calls" ya'll to NM:). Give everyone hugs!

PS. Baby J is going crazy! The boy is moving and rocking my body ferociously! Also, I don't think my poor tummy can stretch anymore...I just don't think it's possible and he is still GROWING...1/2 lb. a week...crazy! Y