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Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday little brother

Today is my little brother's birthday.
To some, he's a rock star. We tease him about that. But to me, he's my little brother.

He's the one that used to sleep on my bedroom floor at night so we could sleep together.

He's the one that would comfort his bigger sister on the way into school because I desperately didn't want to go! (That's another story about a real thing called "school phobia" and some legit craziness on my part. School was scary! Except for Robbie. He would tell me "school is fun, Jojo!" That's what he called me.)

He's the one I got the brilliant idea with to pour a bottle of bubbles on top of our air hockey machine and turn it on! It was cooler than you are imagining right now!!! But obviously, we got busted and obviously, we broke the air hockey machine.

He was my duet partner. Oh yeah, his first big gig was when we sang together and won the Super Summer contest, which was the pinnacle of a music career in our minds at the time. Guess it wasn't, hu Rob?

We're the closest in age, so we always went to school together and had a lot of the same friends. We sang in a band together in High School, (the epic youth group rock n' roll band Zion. You've heard of it, right?:) rode together to school, and just hung out together a lot! I can't imagine surviving high school without him!

He's the one I sat in the back of our Astros minivan as we embarked on yet another move, and drove into teeny-tiny Magnolia, saying "holy crap! This is not like Sugar Land at all." What would that have been like without a forever-the-optimist little bro?

He's the one that lived right across the street from me in college, and comforted me when I had a big break-up and bawled my eyes out all through the night.

He can make any situation feel light, everything seem brighter, and can always make me laugh. Always has.

He's a little brother who watched out for his big sister quite a bit.

He's my little brother who's turned into a super cool Dad of three precious kiddos, and married his high school sweetheart. I remember the day very well when they met at age 15. (How long did you guys talk on the phone before you went on a date? Like two years?)

I love you, Rob! Happy Birthday!


Sir Kyle said...

As someone who has known the both of you for 17 years (gah! Really? Wow..), I can definitely attest for the closeness thing. From the dark days of my dad's first heart attack (and my subsequent moving in with you guys for awhile) to today's current hard times, you guys have always been very supportive. I consider myself very lucky to count you among my friends.

Having said all that....Happy Birthday, Robert. You may be a "rock star" now, but you'll always be my friend who famously screwed up our "pseudo cursing thing" at Mr. Gatti's with full church group in tow.

george said...

hahaha i told that story the other day. fudruckers never sounded so bad. happy birthday rob, i hope its a great one.

cast your vote now.... robbie seay band vs. zion

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Wow, 18 years makes us sound really old, so I won't say that! Thank you so much for your friendship throughout the years...all the way back to "Let's Go To The Rock" days in jr high, neverending "spades" battles (could we even call them games)& totinos pizzas in highschool, & many roadtrips back & forth to waco in college. it has been a pleasure seeing you and liz since those first days at camp in highschool, and now with an amazing beautiful family! Hope you have an amazing birthday! Love you guys!

Sean, Brenda, Grace and Hailey Cornish said...

Jennifer, that is a great blog post. I am so glad that you guys still have such a great relationship. Happy Birthday Robbie.

Elizabeth Seay said...

he is a great guy, i agree...
now if i could only get him to stay in town more often:)

thanks for writing this...
your parents did such a great job fostering strong relationships between all of you siblings.
i hope our kids are like that!