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Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's a New Day...

Kind of reminds me of a song...anyway.
Something very exciting has happenned in our family!
My husband is a Family Practice Doctor. He has his own small practice here in town, and the history of it is...well, interesting...and not at all what we expected.
It's been a rough road, to make it short. We never intended to go out on our own. We never intended to inherit a practice that was a total mess, and we never really had time to stop, take a breath, and make it all our own. We've been trying to keep our heads above water and make it work.
In the meanwhile, God has taught us truckloads about obedience, honoring Him with our business, the ministry of medicine, and reaching out to people in need the best way we know how.
We had the opportunity over a year ago to move our office to a brand new building going up exactly one minute from our house. We prayed about it, and felt God's blessing on a new location, a new start, a new day for Abundant Life Family Practice.
So we watched the slab being poured, with anticipation.
We watched every beam, every element of this building rise up.
We've driven by it and jogged past it hundreds of times, praying over it over and over again.
The building rose and our hopes followed, anxious to start this thing from scratch.
And we did. I chose every color, every surface, every piece of furniture, everything in that place. (More than a little nerve-racking for me. I'm so thankful for the friends who helped me.)
Last weekend, during Christmas break, we moved our office. Moving in December- definitely the twelfth best month to move our office. It's peak season for us. It's the busiest time of year. We couldn't afford movers. This move is a stretch for us financially in itself. Who in the world was going to help us? Rusty, me, and our four kids weren't going to cut it!
But Wow! Saints starting pouring out of the woodwork. Friends and patients who care about our practice and us offered to help, bring their trailers, pack and unpack with us...I couldn't believe it! Who has time for that ever, especially during Christmas break!? But they came, and God knocked us over with His provision and goodness in these people.
So we did it. We moved our office, and we've never felt so loved. Praise the Lord for every person that poured themselves into this with us. The product has exceeded our expectations. Our new office, conveniently a hop, skip, and a jump from home, is up, running, and beautiful! It's our own. It reflects who we are. It screams we love Jesus and we are all about family. (Which is a good thing for a Family Practitioner.)
If you are our patient, don't wait until you're sick to come by and check it out! But if you need an appt., our new number is 695-3570.
If you're not our patient, think about checking us out. (By the way, we accept Scott and White now.)
Needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of my husband. He is bold, like crazy bold with the Gospel in his work. I have witnessed it a time or two, and it makes me nervous even how bold he is. I'm challenged by this amazing man I'm married to! I'm blessed by his faithfulness. He's not perfect, but he truly desires to honor and serve the Lord with all he has.
Best of all, he had breakfast with us yesterday!!! That's never happenned. He did the morning devotional with the kids. Starting our day like that is going to be life-changing for us. Having him so close to home that the kids can seriously ride their bikes there is awesome.
We are thankful. We are full of hope for the new day God has given us in our practice. We hope not to miss any opportunity to fulfill God's design for us in it. Thank you, sweet friends, for sharing in this journey with us!


the groves said...

I love the blog layout...I don't know when you did that because I usually read your blog through google reader. :) I am so excited that the office is so close to your house now. What an amazing blessing.

I am glad you posted the new number too!

The Kramer Family said...

I'm so proud and excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the new office.

Love you!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

What an exciting time for your family.

I can't wait to see the office.

lisasmith said...


CarpioFamily said...

wow, i remember when we were doing all the tonsil visits with easton. After one i asked how he felt, he said "awesome! He prayed for me." Such a blessing to have such a God focused Dr.'s office.

Thanks for posting the number too, i already used it.

- K.Carpio