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Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK day

We are a multi-racial family.
Not just black and white, either. We represent many nations here within the Bacak Nation.
Czech, British, Irish, Korean, African, American-Indian.
I'm telling you. We're like the UN in one house.
We're all multi-racial, but the fact that we are multi-colored in this house tends to draw attention. People often look more than once. Sometimes politely, discreetly, and sometimes not. Today, I think a woman actually had her mouth open in bewilderment as I pushed my stroller and brood of children across the school yard at the Community MLK celebration. That was funny.
*By the way, I have a new dream for my brown boys. We saw a stomp group perform at the ceremony today, and they MUST be in one of these someday. They MUST.
We enjoyed celebrating with our community today. It was good for us to be there.
I'm glad we had today to stop and reflect as a family on what God has done in our country. Great strides have been taken in the last forty years! My goodness, we will inaugurate a bi-racial man as our President tomorrow! I want my boys to look hard at that tomorrow, and while they can't appreciate the bigness of this fact, I want them to take that in as best they can.
I'm thankful for the healing that has taken place.
It's not done. Racism is not over. I'm well aware of that.
But I'm grateful, for Martin Luther King and other great people that fought for the rights of my children and generations to come.


Laurie said...

Yes, and yes! Today is a great day, isn't it?

And, your white boy must join the other two in the stomping. He must! :)

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Why do you only want your brown babies to be in stomp?

Jennifer Bacak said...

The stomp performance was by an African American men's fraternity from A&M. As far as I know, there are no white boys permitted. As soon as a white boy stomp group opens up, we'll start the training. :)
And who is anonymous?