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Saturday, January 31, 2009

He Asked. I Said Yes.

January 31st, 1998, Rusty asked me to marry him.
He washed my feet, read Ephesians 5, said lots of sweet things, and gave me a ring.
He got on his knee, and asked me to be his wife.
Without hesitation, I said yes.
I stared at that ring, and solemnly vowed to never replace it, upgrade, or alter it. This was going to be the ring I would wear happily, everyday, as long as I live.
Single girls, I didn't earn this man. I am not worthy of his love.
He didn't come the first time I wished for him. Maybe around the millionth.
He wasn't what I expected, exactly. I didn't have that good of an imagination, obviously. He is WAY better.
Our story is not like a chic flick.
It's more real. It's deeper. It's flawed. It's lasting.
He didn't arrive on the scene at just the moment I got my act together and was totally content. That would be works driven. He was a gift of grace, despite myself. (I did have to get rid of the WRONG guy I was hanging onto first!)
I remember the euphoria of that day! I can only reflect on God's goodness and His good plans for me, though I am undeserving.
He has good plans for all of us, despite ourselves, and those plans seldom look like what we hope for. They are not always what we expect.
Single women, I know Valentine's Day is approaching, and I'll talk about that more soon, but please...throw off disappointment! Defeat discontentment!
God is good to you. Recognize His goodness and His gifts to you.
I am thankful today.


Hayley said...

What you said is so true! Throw off disappointment! Defeat discontentment!

As a teenager I struggled with doubting my salvation, and one night during my Senior year, I clearly heard God say, "Nail it down, and I'll give you the desires of your heart!" I talked with my parents and we prayed together and I nailed it down. No joke, as my dad said, "Amen," the phone rang. It was Bryan asking me out on our first real date!

God is good, and the right guy is worth the wait!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I love that you went to your parents! I hope my kids will still come to us when they want to pray about something.

The Mosiers said...

Happy Engagement Anniversary!!

Tiffany said...

Engagement Day holds some of my most precious memories as well. Isn't God good, when we will just get out of the way!:) Congrats on this special day and congrats on the fact that your new niece and nephew are on their way home! Such exciting times! I can't wait to read what you have to write after you meet them. Bless you friend!

Ricci said...

Aw! Happy engagement anniversary!
Thank you for a marriage where the two of you are so willing to open up your home and let us younger couples learn and grow under you two. We are so grateful for you guys and the foundation you are helping us build!

Debra in Houston said...

I can no longer lurk...I have to say thank you so much for this post. As a 30 year old single Christian woman who longs to be a helpmate for a husband, I find myself sometimes in a daily battle thinking that God's forgotten about me (how silly!!) or that I am not doing something that's right and that's why I'm not married. So crazy, I know!! I really loved this reminder about waiting on His time and being prepared for what He wants to do with our lives. I know I've got a great imagination, so I can't wait to see what He has in store for me!
Thank you for being such a godly example for those you don't even know!!

MInTheGap said...

That's beautiful, Jennifer. I especially liked the way you tied it all together with grace.

It's true, God does some great things when it comes to putting people together-- if we wait on Him.