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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You could die!

Boys...there's so much I don't understand about the testosterone driven breed.
I have learned a lot being a mother of three boys.
I had a little bit of Pre-Mom schooling having three brothers growing up, but I'm not sure anything can really prepare you.
Boys love to do things that I would never think of.
They show love by wrestling with you.
They disassemble whatever they can find. No reason.
They collect random things and carry them around in Ziploc bags.
They run toward danger, instead of away.
In fact, they seem to be born with no internal radar for danger. At least that's my boys. I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY saying "You could die!" And not to be dramatic. I'm for real.
You could die if you stick things in the light sockets.
You could die if you meander into the street on your big wheel.
You could die if you break into the medicine cabinet, laugh at the child locks, and have a taste test party with your brother.
I feel like I give that speech at least 10 times a day.
Well, my boys are also fairly skilled at needing stitches.
That's another speech I give almost daily. "No stitches today, PLEASE!"
Justus has had about 18 of them. Twice, grabbing sharp objects, cutting his hands, and he was once attacked by a dog and needed about 14 in his face. That was horrific!
Jax only had 3 to his name until this past Sunday. He racked up five more.
He went ice skating with Emma and Rusty. He was doing quite well, but bit it on the ice, and voila! Wide, gaping hole in his chin. (He also knocked out his front tooth a long time ago, but that doesn't count for stitches.)
Rusty calls me and says "I'm bring Jax home and we're stitching him up."
Yes, we're very blessed to skip the whole ER nightmare and do stitches at home. I may not be his best assistant, but I try.
But looking at that open wound on Jax's chin made me feel a little sickish. And I'm not easily sickish.
So we hold him down...Jax is not our most stoic boy...Treston probably wouldn't even look up...but he was pretty big about it. He held still, and Daddy numbed him up and stitched away.
My new mentee, Jeanna, was coming over to jog with me, and she walks in while we're sewing up the hole in my kid's face. She feels faint at the sight of needles, so that was probably fun for her. We're not a normal family, I suppose.
Well, lucky for my boys, chicks dig scars.


Cindy Seay said...

You know I can relate! Brian may hold the world's record for a very long time. I hope none of your boys aspire to break that record. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

NEVER a dull moment in the Bacak household!!! Hope Jax's is feeling okay today :)

mimi said...

You may not know me, but Judy Dornak is my daughter. My Dad was an MD,GP back in the days. I have fond memories of getting all our shots at home (we 5 kids made slings from dishtowels and carried our arms in them all day after the shots!). I even had my knee stitched up while sitting on our kitchen table. I also grew up seeing urine specimens in pickle jars in the fridge. My Dad had the pharmacy make a concoction of something for diarrhea and stomach ache and we kept it in our fridge--we only know it as Shake Well cuz that's all the bottle had on it. To this day we refer to it as shake well--I think it had paragoric (sp?) in it and that's not legal these days. I hope your kids have fond memories of doctor treatments at home and hope Jax feels better soon and stays out of trouble! Mimi Hildebrandt

* said...

Sweet Jax. I hope he feels better. I guess I need to prepare myself for moments like this now that I have a boy. Growing up with all girls did not teach me much.:) I may be giving you random phone calls throughout the years...

p.s. I have already learned something new from having a boy... I no longer am grossed out by pee since it has been sprayed on every part of my including my lip/mouth area. I swear he can aim that thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

We can relate to stitches at our house too. My 12 year old daughter currently holds the record for now. Only the 9 year old hasn't been in any sort of cast (except for my husband who rarely even gets a cold!). I've had too many to count. I finally learned how to suture too so I could save trips to the ER.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Who is anonymous who learned to suture?
I would love to know!

lisasmith said...

Lucky for you, your husbans is a doctor! I use the "You could die" speech almost daily too...Palmer just laughs bwahahaha Lucky for me chicks dig brave guys, I guess. and I totally share your stories from the shower...today it was sharpie on the carpet of two bedrooms. yeah, that's permanent.

MInTheGap said...

Boys are definitely different-- way too much energy to be cooped up all winter too.

Glad to hear you guys can do your own stitches-- I'm not that talented!