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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Family Worship Bloopers

Just a few crack-ups from the last two nights of family worship.
If you are wondering what I mean by family worship, I mean the Bacaks, gathered in the living room, Bibles open, (using the Voice translation now! Super cool! It reads like a script even) singing worship songs, and Daddy bringing the Word.
We are going through the book of Matthew, little by little. Tonight we acted out our story. We do that sometimes. Peter walked on water.
So last night, Rusty was talking about how Jesus got the news that John the Baptist was killed. Justus asked immediately, with sparked interest in the "killing", "how was he killed, Daddy?"
Rusty: "Actually, his head was cut off."
Justus, quietly, almost to himself: "AWE-SOME!"

What the heck!!!

Tonight, we reviewed last night's story, and Rusty asked who Jesus' first cousin was. Justus answered, and we're pretty sure he was dead serious, "Pastor Butch."
I guess when you're four, it's totally plausible that your Pastor is Jesus' first cousin.

Our house is full of craziness, and chaos, but we're never short on comedy.


Hendrick Family said...

That's okay. I found out about a year ago that Hayden thought Butch was our Pastor and the President of the United States.

"Who is the President, Hayden?"

His answer...George W. Butch.

My response..."Bush...not Butch."

Then he said, "No, Butch."

I said, "Do you think Pastor Butch is the President of the United States?"

Hayden said..."Yeah" like I was the idiot.


blaire blanchette said...

haha, that is too cute!

and I'm super glad that Jeanna is your new mentee, I love her.

The Mosiers said...

That is hilarious!! Justus is one funny kid.

Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt Justus will be quite the comedian one day! Thanks for always sharing your stories with us!

Anonymous said...

Butch being the first cousin of Jesus... that made my day!

Emily said...

Your kids crack me up even from afar...LOVE IT!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I love Justus...so cute.

Kids are hilarious, Alex thought our new president was Obadiah!!!

MInTheGap said...

That's funny. 'Course what's acceptable and funny from kids is a different ball game when it comes to adults. Death's never funny, but kids are!