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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Gatorade Season Again!

I think I wrote last year when I did my half marathon that it might be like child birth. Intensely painful, and yet after a short while, amnesia sets in. You kind of forget. And then you're back, running until you knees want to explode, guzzling Gatorade, and planning those long runs on Mapquest.
Well here I am.
Cold weather runs. It just makes me want Gatorade.
But I never felt worthy of Gatorade until last year when I was training.
Gatorade was for athletes. Nike commercials. Not me.
So I abstain from my favorite Berry Gatorade. I think there's a five mile minimum before consuming it. If I've run more than five miles, then maybe...
Well I've decided to train again this year for a half marathon.
NOT the Armadillo Dash. First of all, Armadillo is in the name and on the t-shirt. Nobody likes roadkill. I'm sorry. It's disghusting.
It was quite an achievement in my life, but honestly, the route was boring, there are no cheerleaders on the road, parking issues so that my own cheerleaders couldn't make it, and my press conference at the end was non-existent.
If it's too much trouble to travel for a race, it works well, but not for me this year.
I'm trading up to the Music City Marathon in Nashville! YES! This is the perfect race for me! There are bands set up along the entire route. How cool is that? And I'm running it with my brother Brian, even cooler! (We'll have to see about the press conference.)
Plus, I'll have a lot more time to train. It's not until the end of April.
So if my knees explode and I have a near death, bright light experience, at least good music will be playing. That will be enjoyable.
So bring on the Berry Gatorade! I'm training again!
*If you want to run with me, I would love it! Running with friends makes it so much more fun, right Jen Crouse?


Anonymous said...

Look at you go!! You never cease to amaze me :) How do you have time for your wonderful life?! You're awesome!

Jenn said...

no way Jenn!!!! You are running that?!?!?!

I'm so jealous right now. in the good - i-wish-i-could-run-beside-jenn bacak-in-the-most-beautiful-and cool mind you - city ever.

oh my gosh.

I wanna come to CS and run with you again just for fun.

and can you humor me and we pretend we are in nashville?

.. i've also always wanted to do the one in disney. can we do that one together some day????

Kellie said...

Jenn that is awesome! I did a 5k in November.....it was so neat because I have never done anything like that! But 13 miles.....geesh that is ALOT! Good luck to you! What do you do to train.....just run? How far do you run daily???

Jennifer Bacak said...

Jenn, yes!!! We should do the Disney one next year! How fun would that be?

I found a training schedule online by Jeff Galloway, but basically, I run a basic 3 mile, 30 min. run four days a week, I'm doing Pilates one day (just to tone) and do a long run on the weekend. Those will get longer and longer as I train. That's really it! You could do it too, Kel! I'm certainly not a natural athlete.

Rachel H said...

Jenn, you have inspired me! I started running last semester and hit 4 miles today for the first time (A pretty slow 4 miles though lol). How many months would you say it would take to train for a half for a beginner runner? (I usually only run 2 miles and then go for a longer run once/twice a week.. usually 3 miles, but today was abnormal lol)

brickmomma said...

Yea!! I am traingin for the Dash, but I agree, Armadillos aren't the most appealing mascots. I want to to the zoooma run in austin...it looks amazing!

Good luck with Nashville - too cool!