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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run, Walk, or Crawl for COMPASSION

It's true, I'm hosting a race here on April 18th, with the help of the lovely girls of ASC (Aggie Sisters for Christ.)
We are sponsoring the Child Survival Program. (Click and read!) What I've learned is that 27,000 children under the age of 5 die every day, EVERY DAY, of preventable causes. Hunger, malnutrition, curable diseases, HIV (due to lack of meds that are readily available to us in the US), etc. You can sponsor a child ages 5 and up from almost anywhere all over the globe through Compassion and drastically change the lives of that child and their family. But they have to live to age 5 first. That's where the Child Survival Program comes in. They provide everything a mother and children need to make it, and best of all, share the Gospel and provide discipleship at the same time. That's LIFE.
Could this be for a better cause? Seriously!?
How did this get started? What made me think I can host a race? Well, let me give you a peek into the Seay family. (That's my maiden name, Seay.) My parents are amazing Godly people. They are in Honduras right now on a Compassion trip. My brother, Brian, works for Compassion, as you may know from following his adoption story. They recently adopted from Ethiopia, and we will be sponsoring that specific Child Survival Project there. Brian has the coolest job on the planet with Compassion. Let's not leave out Chris and Robbie, who are actively involved with Compassion and Living Water. So my parents, for Christmas, give us $50 and tell us to make money from that with our own fundraiser for the Child Survival Program. We also collect money all year in whatever way we can and my parents collect it at the end of the year from all of us. (Last year Emma gave her life savings; an overflowing piggy bank and eagerly dumped it all in. That was a moment I'll not forget.) My Mom decorated Compassion boxes and we each have one. All that to say, the Seay family is on this. And this is us, making our $50 count! We are super excited about being apart of what God is doing clear across the world! Isn't this exciting? Don't you want in?
So I need your help.
The 5K (and I'm hoping to have a 10K option as well, but we'll see) is on April 18th. (That is Parents Weekend.) My first hurdle has been getting someone from the city to call us back. We still don't have a location. This has been frustrating. Once we get that in place, we'll get registration rolling.
But I want people to know so they can start training now and SPREADING THE WORD!!!
This is an event for the whole family.
I plan on having a fun run for the kids, too! My kids will be training to jog a mile.
Charlie Apel is going to design the coolest t-shirts ever.
All I need is all of you to be all IN, and to let people know about it.
Mark your calendars!
More info to come!


Andrea said...

Please post a link to the registration info when you get it all together. Would love to put it out to our community here in Lake Jackson. Thre are a lot of people here connected to College Station, runs/races, and Compassion that might be interested in participating.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I will!!!
Thanks Andrea.

The Mosiers said...

You know I'm all in!

Jessica said...

I'm in :) I love running!

texasinafrica said...

That's awesome! One way we get races organized in Austin is through the local running store - they might be able to help with city permits and stuff like that.

Oh, and I'm a Seay, too!

Ricci said...

I'm running it.

I've never ran before... but I'm training and going to do it!

Whitney Swanson said...


with a passion. even talking about it does crazy things inside of me and makes me mad on so many levels.

brian makes me run A LITTLE BIT sometimes, and it makes me want to strangle him!!

BUT, the Lord has REALLY been showing me that I discipline myself "selectively"- there are so many areas that I need to learn discipline and self control.

what better way to practice! (said skeptically)

so count me in!!! See you thursday!

Amy said...