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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I saw red

Do you see this cute boy? The darling one, with the soft brown curls, adorable smile, and an enthusiastic voice with the volume turned all the way up, all the time?
Yeah him.
Look what he did today to my carpet.
Mind you, I don't have that much carpet in my house.
This is in the play room, which is all wood floors except for the closet.
That's where this crime scene took place.
It looks like CSI, doesn't it?
Red paint.
This is AFTER the clean-up.
It was all over the walls, smeared on ever surface in the closet.
This is my beloved school closet...the one with the sign on the door that says "STAY OUT: NO PLAYING" and the childproof knob that my little destroyer laughs at, with his deep belly evil laugh, and enters as he pleases.
Emma painted yesterday, and accidentally left the paints down low.
That's a fatal mistake in this house.
So this was the result.
That's just today.
Earlier this week it was poop. If you've read this blog for a long time then you remember the famous poop-flinging stories of Justus. (If you haven't read that one, and you're entertained by poop, which is often featured on the Bacak blog I've realized, give this one a quick read.) This is very similar. He got into his dirty diaper...don't know why...dug around in there for a while, got it all over his hands and clothes and all the toys he played with, like the plastic riding toy in the yard, and made a good mess.
Claire brought him to me as I was getting out of the shower.
Needless to say, I had to get BACK in the shower by the time the foul mess was cleaned up.
In those moments, when I'm covered in my child's poop (because he thinks it's play-doough) or when I'm on my hands and knees looking at red paint everywhere I can see, I feel introspective.
What is God trying to teach me? And why haven't I learned it yet?
Even with that kind of week, I love my life.
Have no fear. I'm not hopping a plane to Mexico or anything. Not without Rusty anyway.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! God made you this boy's mommy for a reason. You have patience and perspective that is beyond understanding and I know that's all from Him!
-Michelle H.

Anonymous said...

I second Michelle's post! I love little boys, but you have a patience I can only hope to have one day!!!!! :) PS I'd take the paint over the poop for sure!

the amy's said...

Chaos is the life of a stay at home mommy. And I too couldn't ask for more. If I had a dollar for every poop smear I had cleaned, Bill Gates would have nothing on me.

The Ordner Family said...

Sounds alot like my own house... my story is just as good..When Daniel was potty training.. the positive reinforcement just did not work in my favor.. my child was told if he messed his pants then I was going to put his big truck in the attic.. well he did mess his pants and as I was taking his big truck away he blabbered something then would say my big truck.. well after oh say about 5 minutes I walked back into the living room and what do I see on the floor a big pile of poop.. at first I thought oh no the dog pooped in the house, the poop made a nice trail around the house.. As I am looking at it and getting pretty angry my son comes from around the corner, his underwear down and he is squatting and pooping and saying something about his big truck!!! Lovely children!!

Jeanie said...

Isn't this what we do to God all the time? We spill our paint and wipe our poop all over His wonderful desires for our lives.

jana said...

Oh my goodness. Boys--- aren't they little mess-pots. I'm learning all too soon!