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Monday, March 02, 2009

My Dash-ers

I am so proud of Rusty and my mentee, Jeanna, who did the Armadillo Dash 1/2 marathon yesterday!!! (Yes, I said Armadillo...don't get me started on the name...or the t-shirt! I will say this race was well put together though, and I have a new respect for this, since I am planning a race of my own. It's not as easy as it sounds!)
The kids and I, plus our awesome friends the Feldmans, went out to be the cheering section for Rusty and Jeanna. Now I know how much I was holding them both back speed-wise, because they both flew through this race. I know, because I ran the last five miles with Jeanna, and then the last 1/2 mile with Rusty, and I've never run so fast. Not to mention, just like last year, there was a brutal 30 mph wind that hit us when we turned onto Hwy 6 for the last 4 miles.
I am SO PROUD of them! They both placed high in their age bracket, and finished in less than two hours.
I am still in training for my half marathon in April in Nashville. I will NOT be running as fast as them, but hopefully will finish well.
Rusty, being the unstoppable machine that he is, ran 13.1 miles yesterday morning, then went to church (holding Treston the whole time, which is a work-out), went to the hospital and admitted a patient, played in a soccer game- ridiculous!, and then went to church and taught. That's quite a day! After the Dash last year, I went to bed. That's my husband!
Way to go guys! Y'all are both amazing!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you're not married to Superman?? Who does ALL that in one day? I am impressed! Way to go, Rusty!!

Jeanna said...

Thanks Jenn! I could not have done it without your help and keeping me motivated to training! I needed you those 5 miles! You are wonderful. Love you :)

Emily said...

Wow...I'm EXHAUSTED just reading about what all Rusty did...AMAZING!


brickmomma said...

I did the Dash, too! It was my first.....I didn't quite make it in under 2 hrs....that wind was CRAZY!

Now I am going to try and find info about YOUR race....I am intrigued....