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Monday, March 16, 2009

Daddy Yoga

There are some pretty hysterical moments in our life and house.
Kids are built in comedy relief, you know?
But this was a hysterical sight to behold.
The volume level in our house was reaching a mind boggling level.
Sometimes we can't hear ourselves talk. Or think.
Having four little kids, and mostly boys, is pretty crazy.
It's not necessarily a bad loud. They're having fun, chasing each other, goofing off, doing what kids do.
But sometimes the noise can get to you.
So Rusty decided it was time for a little relaxation session with the kids.
They stopped running around like children hyped up on speed, and sat in the floor for their Daddy Yoga.
This is what it looked like.

He was having them repeat things, in their new trance like state "I will fall asleep by 8:30 every night."
(kids repeat, in calm voices)
"I will eat all my vegetables."
(kids repeat)
"I will kiss Mommy and tell her she's beautiful every day."
(kids repeat)
"I will pay attention in school and go to college, and not to jail."
(kids repeat)
"I will start flushing the toilet after I poop."
(kids repeat)
If only this really worked!!!

It looks like he got them practically to sleep this way.
But afterward, they just popped back up and started running and screaming again.
it was a pleasant 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I can totally see Rusty doing this! So hilarious!

Jen said...

Could you send him to our house?...We could use some help with getting the kids (esp our boy) to flush the toilet!

Anonymous said...

ha!!!!!!! That is SO Rusty! I love it!

I would add, "You will sleep until 9 a.m. every day."