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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Heart Mod Podge

I used this stuff last night while making new placemats for our table.
Wow! I LOVE it!!!
Everytime I've passed it at Hobby Lobby, I've had the burning desire to buy it and do something with it.
So last night, Amanda and my sister and I did. And I think it might be addictive because I woke up this morning with the strong urge to Mod Podge something.
So tell me...if you've used this before, what did you do, and give me detailed instructions so that I can do it too!
My productivity this week has been through the roof!
My husband has been on a mission trip, and I haven't stopped. One project has snowballed into another project, and then another, and now I have lots of cool surprises for him when he gets home.
Plus I've been so tired at night I've just fallen into bed, not having time to lose sleep over being here alone. (Alone with four kids, that kind of alone.)
Praise the Lord, Friday is here!!!
So if you have a Mod Podge idea for me, let me know! Or just come over and Mod Podge with me!


Megan Sandoz said...

Jenn! It makes me so happy that you love Mod Podge :) I covered a plain picture frame with color copied photos once, and my mom and I did the inside of an old trunk, too. The tricky thing is air bubbles, but I just use my fingers to press it out. Oh how fun! Happy crafting!

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

There are so many things. You can use it to attach paper, photos or fabric to about any hard surface. I used to put magazine photos, words and my photos to make journals, binders and frames. I have seen photos on a tray like you would use for breakfast in bed and I have seen table tops done. Have fun.

The Kramer Family said...

I love Mod Podge too! Its amazing! I decoupaged a child's desk with fabric. So easy! KK's teacher makes these adorable clipboards that she decoupages for gifts. The possibilities are endless. If you google (or "Swagbucks" since that seems to be the thing), a whole website will pop up with ideas. I believe its from the company who makes Mod Podge. I got lots of ideas on there too!

Love you!

Lindsay said...

Ahhh, Mod Podge - love that stuff! Here is a fun little project that can take up some blank wall space. Buy some bigger canvases and some scrapbook paper. Print out your favorite Bible verse, or kids names in a big font on normal printer paper. Glue the scrapbook paper/ribbon/fabric on the canvas, cut the verse or names out and put it on top of the pretty stuff. Add some brown craft paint to the mod podge to give it a tea-stained look and modge away. My friend did this as a gift to all my boys when they were born. So they each have a beautiful canvas with their special Bible verse on them in their room. You can krinkle or tear up the paper for some texture. Email me if you'd like to see pics of them. I've made a few as gifts for friends babies. Putting the paint in the modge podge gives it a really cool look. I think I used "burnt ember" craft paint when doing mine. Have fun!

Hayley said...

I too love Mod Podge, and my projects include ones that others have listed.

I made clipboards for my students last year by tearing scrapbook paper and decoupaging it to the front of the clipboard. Then I took coordinating ribbon and tied it to the clip. They turned out very cute!

I've decoupaged the inside of a trunk too. And a friend of mine has done the canvases that Lindsay mentioned. She gets ideas from a site called Queen of the Trailer Park. It's got some fabulous ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff too! Its the best! In college, my best friend made me the coolest gift with it. She took a small round box..probably one of those brown boxes at hobby lobby that you can get in all sizes. She painted it and put pictures of us all over it from all 4 years of college. And then mod podged over it. I used the boxed for trinkets, movie tickets, etc that reminded me of our friendship. Its a great gift idea!

aggierudy3 said...

I'm not very creative, so I just used mod podge to glue together the two thousand piece Coca-Cola and Wizard of Oz puzzles I did in high school.

A friend used mod podge to decorate plain spirals and journals. We always knew which ones belonged to her!

I thought Mod Podge was modge podge. So glad to find out the truth before I embarrassed myself by showing my ignorance of crafting products! :)

Anonymous said...

You have lots of ideas above, but one I did and kept for years - mod podging pictures to a big candle! So, so fun! And I've been given an address book with pictures mod podged to it as well :) Hope you're having a great week! SOO glad it's Friday too!

Nicolas said...

i made eden's letters for her room with it. i just bought the large letters of her name and picked out a different piece of scrapbook paper for each letter that was a little bigger than the letter. then I mod podged it to the letter. then take an exacto knife and cut around the edges, use a nail file to smooth the edges then paint the visible wood around the edges, then voila!! you can glue ribbon on top too to hang them.


Emily said...


Your friends are too crafty. I have never used mod podge. I'm scared of crafty things...I would rather do an interprative dance:) But it sounds like you could have fun with these ideas!


cristina said...

thought i'd check out your blog...fun post.

we did a craft with 4x4 (i think) tiles. glued felt to the underside and mod podged a single ply of a pretty napkin to the top of the tumbld-stone-look tile.

lots of ladies ended up giving making sets of four, stacking them, tying them with coordinating ribbon and giving them as gifts.

a friend and i also used it to cover plain cardboard magazine storage boxes with wrapping paper that coordinated with her kitchen--for her "household command center". i think she had to put some "feet" on them (rubber knobby things) since the bottoms were sticky...so maybe don't cover the bottom.

looking forward to exploring your blog. :)

texasinafrica said...

I love Mod Podge! I'm not very crafty, but even I can make a cute frame with it. I have one that I did about ten years ago; it's just a simple, dirt-cheap glass frame from a craft store. I glued subway, train, and other transportation tickets from a summer spent in Italy around the edges and put a favorite photo from the summer in the middle. We've also used it with the GA's at church (you can make your own by mixing water with regular school glue) to make paper bowls. So fun and a great way to preserve memories with your kids!

Rachael W. said...

I love Mod Podge! I use it to make picture frames. Michael's sells wooden frames for $1. Take some pretty paper, mod podge it on and add a name with chipboard letters or some stickers. Also, check out this site modpodgerocks.com she has some great ideas and tips for keeping air bubbles to a minimum and to keep it from being sticky after it dries. Good luck and have fun.