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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bacak family photos by Ryan Price

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I have to tell you about our friend and talented photographer, Ryan Price.
I love these photos so much! We took them out at Carousel Acres where Emma rides horses. It was such a perfect spot! Ryan captured it so well! And let me tell you, it's not easy doing that with four squirmy kiddos.
When did my daughter get so big and beautiful? And what's more beautiful than a girl on a horse? He also got all of the boys and their personalities! I think that's what I love most about these pictures. They're not just still shots of us posing. They're real. Love them, Ryan! You rock! Check out his site at www.ryanpricephoto.com


Ricci said...

Jenn, these photos are precious! Emma is such a pretty girl and I love the photo of Jax and Justus where he's making the karate pose. It makes me think of retreat and all the battles we were suppose to have. :)

Jodi said...

Emma has grown up soo much! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! All your pictures are great. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Jenn! It was really fun to do these shots.

A quick note on the website though... it's www.ryanpricephoto.com... (not photography).

Glad you like them!


Anonymous said...

Jenn, those are FANTASTIC!! Ryan did a great job of capturing your family and all the kids personalities, indeed! I am with you - I cannot believe how big all of them are getting, but Emma is truly a young lady now! When did that happen? You guys are beautiful! (And I love the lace cami under the button down shirt - very nice!)

The Hardy House said...

love them jenn!!! absolutely adorable!!!

The Arguellos said...

Great photos!!! It makes me miss Hope Group and the Bacak household. Praise the Lord for internet! Also, I've been encouraged by your organized prayer. Thanks for sharing!!

Elizabeth Seay said...

these are awesome!
the ones of Emma on the horse are priceless!

Hendrick Family said...

These are so great! All those kids are so cute, but you know I can't resist...that Jax...

okay, I'll hush.


Whitney Swanson said...

ryan is AMAZING


he is doing our wedding and he is absolutely FANTASTIC

your family is beautiful

Garratts said...

Those are great! I have to agree with Heather.

That Jax!!!

Emily said...

These are so sweet! Your right Emma is big and beautiful...just like her momma!


Anonymous said...

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