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Monday, May 04, 2009

Emma's horse show

Here are the pictures of one of my proudest Mom moments...I sewed a bee costume.
This was more daunting to me than running a half marathon, and that's pretty daunting!
I don't sew. A few years back I learned how to do some basic sewing, making a square baby blanket and sew ribbon on burp cloths, but half the time I get the thread all tangled up in my machine and give up. So when Emma needed a costume for herself AND her horse for her horse show, and I knew we were WAY too cheap to spend over $100 on the ones I saw online, I knew I had to tackle this task myself. Holy Cow. A costume for a horse? The fitting session was not the easiest, I tell you. In fact, after I'd sewn this thing and we tried it on her, Esplendida totally freaked out and ran at full speed around the arena, completely trampling it! I thought to myself- first, we might all die here in this arena with this horse raging around in a bee costume, and second, I'm not sewing another one.
But there were just a few minor tears and she eventually gave in and wore the costume, begrudgingly though. She acted crazy up until the moment she entered the arena with Emma. And then this show horse pulled it together and she and Emma were the cutest little bees you ever saw!

The costume class (each competition is called a class) was on Friday night and Emma competed in three more events throughout the weekend. The age division is 6-12, and she was the youngest competitor in her class, so we were super proud of the way she handled her horse and competed like a champ!
Who knew when God knit this precious girl together in my womb that she would be so naturally gifted in this? It certainly never crossed my mind as a possibility! Our children, whether adopted or biological, are a complete surprise to me sometimes! God has truly given them unique gifts and talents. Emma was born completely in love with horses and there was no holding her back from them.
This horse Mom has learned A LOT in the last year!!! I was able to care for the horse almost completely independently this time around and that is HUGE for me! I started out in this thing feeling like an idiot much of the time, totally clueless to this foreign horse world. But I am getting there, and let me tell you- being a soccer Mom is much easier! But it's so rewarding doing this with my daughter. It requires a lot of hard work and care, and I gotta tell you, it blesses my heart to see her mucking stalls and doing the work.
Emma added eight new ribbons to her precious horse room and what made Rusty and I THE MOST PROUD, was despite her her great desire to be a blue ribbon winner, she was content with whatever place she got! Praise the Lord! Competition with the right perspective can be difficult no matter what sport or talent your child has! I realize how quickly I could become a psycho stage Mom if I let us get wrapped up in that. But we are intentional in talking with Emma and praying with her about her gifts bringing glory to God, and doing our best is our only goal. She never onced whined or complained when the much older girls took first, second, and third place every time! She gladly welcomed her colorful fourth, fifth, and sixth place ribbons, and that made our hearts swell with pride for her more than a blue ribbon ever could!
Thanks to our friends and family who came out to watch her! I hope you had fun! We certainly enjoyed having you there! It meant a lot to Emma!
Please pray for her teacher, Mr. Brad, who was thrown off a horse on Friday night and taken away in an ambulance. This was scary for everyone, and we were so thankufl Rusty was there. We are thankful he had no broken bones! But he had a nasty fall and we are praying for a quick recovery for him.


The Mosiers said...

I must say that I'm super impressed with how the horse costume turned out! You did a great job! Emma and her horse are definitely the cutest bees I've ever seen.

Arlene said...

Wow! That is just amazing! Your daughter has such a great attitude :) Great job on teaching her so well. And what great costumes, Jenn!! You did it!!

Kari said...

Way to go Emma!!!