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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's my fake birthday cake

Today is my fake birthday.
I have a real birthday. It's on Saturday. But we will be driving all day and I will just be honest...I'd be feeling sorry for myself having a birthday in the car in my mini-van, handing out snack bags, and listening to one more annoying kids movie.
So we made today my fake birthday! I'm enjoying it very much! I had lunch today with some ladies I love very much at one of my favorite spots, Frittella.
And sweet Jeanna made me my birthday cake already!
I usually have an amazing Carrot Cake that takes about forever to make and produces a sink full of dirty dishes. It's a homemade carrot cake with a buttermilk glaze and cream cheese frosting. It's three seperate recipes from Southern Living. My very own husband who loves and adores me has made this cake for me more than once before anyone reading this blog was even awake. He's so amazing! (He also knows one of my primary love languages is food. The other is service. That combines those two and makes me feel like the most loved woman alive.) But I asked him not to go through the trouble this week. I think it's just evil of me to prefer this cake.
So I am including the recipe for a pound cake that came in as pinch hitter birthday cake this year. Fake birthday that is.
So this is my fake birthday cake. This recipe comes from Ashley Garratt, and I tried it because the name is "Grocery Store Gossip Pound Cake."
I really like good names of recipes, and that was a unique one!
Here it is. It's so easy! You might have these ingredients waiting for you in the kitchen right now!

1 box butter cake mix
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup oil
5 eggs
8 oz. sour cream

Mix all ingredients together and pour into a bundt pan. Bake at 350 until brown, about 50 min. - 1 hour.

Tonight I am putting strawberries with it.
Why? Because it's my fake birthday.


Anonymous said...

yea! how fun!! happy fake birthday today!!!!

Anonymous said...

A co worker made me the southern living carrot cake this year for my birthday...CC is my favorite. It is AMAZING!! Can't wait to try the pound cake!

The Arguellos said...

Happy Fake Birthday, Jenn!!!! :) I hope it was a wonderful day! The cake sounds good! I can relate with food being a love language. I believe mine specific language is dark chocolate. Jader had some friends who came to Nicaragua from the States secretly buy two bags of Dove Dark Chocolate. I couldn't contain myself I was so full of joy! :) Food it great!

Laurie M said...

Happy early birthday, Jenn! May the Lord delight you today!!

Garratts said...

Happy fake bday! I'm glad you were born.

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Happy fake and real birthday, have a wonderful day(s)!!

Love you

Emily said...

Happy Fake Birthday Jenn!
All three of us Williams' love you! I am so happy you have Jeanna there and that she made you a cake. I wish I could meet her. I would just hug her and tell her how very jealous I am that she gets to LIVE with the Bacak Nation...too good!
Love you lots!

Josiah is sending kisses your way!


PS I put moose in Josiah's hair and...drum roll...I have a little curly baby head to kiss on now:)

Emily said...


sometime when you have time could you post this carrot cake recipe?


Elizabeth Seay said...

happy birthday jenn!
hope you had a wonderful day!

Cindy Seay said...

Do you remember when we used to try to get you to celebrate a fake birthday and you would get so upset?