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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I got an iphone for my birthday. This is a whole new world of "apps" and texting (new to me) and 24/7 Internet access.
My favorite app so far: pandora.
How does pandora know?
How does she know when I put in don henley that I also love Bryan Adams? And journey? Pandora's brilliant!
I'm texting this and I'm tired now.
iPhone cult members, give me your tips , favorite apps, etc.
Also, I can't figure out how to attach my photos to e-mails.


The Links said...

to attach a photo, go to the photo you want, click on it and then click the far left arrow and e-mail photo is an option. It will just carry your photo into a blank e-mail.

My favorite app is vlingo. It has a voice ativated search, map, phone and facebook and twitter. It's so cool, and it can really recognize what you say!!

Have fun!! They are so addicting!!

Katy Link

Rusty and Jennifer said...

The Lose It application is awesome! You put in your goal weight and it tells you how many calories to eat a day. Then, throughout the day, you log what you eat and it counts the calories for you and tells you how many you have left for the day. You can also log each exercise that you do, so it subtracts those!

Schzam is really cool too...You record a clip of anything you are listening to- radio, tv... It will tell you the name, artist, and album of any song that you are listening to.

Anonymous said...

i love the iphone world!!! my favorite app is also Pandora :) love, love love it! i also have the facebook app (free), urbanspoon (free) - it thinks up places to eat for you in a slot machine format -- pretty fun! one app i bought that is so fun is the game bejeweled ($2.99)! if i'm ever sitting somewhere like an airport, waiting on a friend at a restaurant or something, it's a fun game to pass time!

welcome to the world of texting also :) love you!!!!

Feldman Family said...

Fun.fun! Go to the apps store and click categories. on the top pick the tab FREE..just scroll through ... there are way to many to type here! on of my favorites is the TO DO...its a great list maker and easy to use. it is the one that is red & white...can't wait to visit w/you! enjoy your last couple of days!

Angie said...

Hi Jennifer! Angie here...I missed you so much. I wish that I knew how to work the Iphones! I'm a sidekick person!
Angie Tankersley