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Friday, June 26, 2009

Nurse Needed: You can help!

Behind every good doctor, is a good nurse.
Well, at least the doctor hopes he has a good nurse. It makes all the difference in the world! Every doctor and ever patient knows that.
I think Rusty is fabulous, but if he doesn't have a strong staff, people will leave dissatisfied with their care.
We have had a wonderful nurse with us for the past few years!!!
If you're our patient, you know Gabbie, and she's been a treasure to our practice.
But Gabbie's husband is a pastor and they have been called to a church in Illinois.
They've decided her commute would be too much. Whatever.
So we are in desperate need of a wonderful nurse, soon!
I'll have to say, one of the best things about Gabbie has been her heart for ministry in our office.
Rusty and Gabbie met on a mission trip where they worked together, and they knew doing ministry at home would be profitable for the kingdom! Gabbie gave up her much higher paying hospital position to work alongside Rusty, and minister to patients.
I have written on here before, I couldn't be more proud of my husband's ministry through medicine.
What I love about him is he has never separated the Godly man, leader, servant, and teacher he is to us at home from who he is at work.
He holds the Truth of the Gospel up in his life, wherever he goes.
He has made Abundant Life Family Practice an outpost for the gospel, fearlessly (from my perspective- he appears fearless! That may not always be so!) sharing the gospel and praying with patients, giving spiritual questionnaires to every new patient, and even sharing spiritual answers to their physical problems. (They get a little more than they come in for sometimes.)
Gabbie has been in step with with him in ministry every step of the way.
This does not make our practice perfect. It doesn't mean they don't make mistakes or have bad days. But their desire is to share Christ, and I'll confess my own sin...it makes me a little nervous sometimes.
Rusty will come home and tell me about an exchange with a patient in which he boldly shares Truth, and I am thinking...the law suit is coming. Surely, we're going to get sued for this stuff.
But so far, God has totally protected us. He's so good!
If you know of someone who would be interested in our office, let's talk.
I'm praying God would use this to get the word out to just the right person.
So pass it along. And if you've been blessed by our office, please take a moment to pray for God to grant us the staff member we need. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

As a past employee of this amazing practice, I know WHOEVER gets to work there will be richly blessed! I am praying for the PERFECT person to come to you guys!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Thanks Arlene!!!