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Friday, June 12, 2009

Home, sweet home

I am finally HOME! Home from almost two weeks of vacation. Our first week was at Camp Ozark, our yearly family trip. Rusty is Camp Doctor (an easy gig!) and we just play. Emma and Jax were campers and had the time of their lives, and we got to sneak peeks at them and play with our little ones. Highlight for me: hours of Mod Podging in the Craft Store everyday! Heavenly! Low for me: about 1 million chigger bites. I hate those things!!!
I didn't write on my blog that we were gone because of the creepers.
You know the creepy bloggers. You can shorten that to creepers. I don't know if any creepers read this blog. But if they did, for sweet little Jeanna who was still home alone in our house, we didn't announce our vacation agenda.
I figure child stealers are not going to travel all the way to the Ozark mountains to steal our kids. And if they did, they would come to find out that I am heavily trained in Body Combat. Oh yeah! I took Body Combat at Gold's Gym for atleast three years. I don't know what belt that makes me, but I do know that with the right music and work-out instructor, I could crush anyone. Anytime in the class I wondered to myself "when and where would I use this?" I imagined someone trying to steal my children, and then I was Jennifer Garner on Alias. In my head, it's awesome.
After Camp Ozark we joined the entire Seay family in Galveston for our yearly beach vacation. 17 grandkids in one vacation! Can you imagine? It's pretty great. It's crazy, and fun, and I enjoy being with my family more than anyone else I could imagine. Late nights with my brothers are the times that I laugh so hard my abs hurt. They are the funniest people I know. It was great. I feel triumphant as a Mom because none of my kids got sun burned. That's a serious victory with four small children to sunblock and re-apply every hour. If Justus and Treston did get burned, we sure couldn't tell! They just look a few shades darker and it's awesome!

This is the informational portion of this post. When we got to the beach the first day of our vacation, the jellyfish stings started immediately! We were there for maybe an hour and a half, and I think the total reached 10 children stung. It was not happy times! My brother Chris was on jellyfish clean-up patrol, and he put 22 jellyfish in the trash.

You don't want to know how we treated these severe stings.
We swore we'd never speak of it again.

All I'm saying is, we later found out there was a "jellyfish alert" and that is not to be taken lightly, I tell you! Evidently the little boogers were migrating through our little spot in the gulf of Mexico, and there is NO sharing the water with them!
By the next day, they had moved on and we had the beach back.

My next post I've been wanting to write: Price Matching at Wal-Mart. I'm doing it, and I'm so proud of myself!!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you have to pee on the jellyfish stings???