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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'd rather be... (again)

A toddler urinal!? Who knew this existed!!! Hilarious.

(This is my old post from potty training Justus. It's that time again. Same story, insert new child. Treston's turn. I woke up with a sense of dread. Today is the day it begins. Where is the potty training toddler camp? There's bound to be one! I'm calling the children's museum today to check. My only comfort: all my three older children are currently 100% toilet trained, so I must have gotten there somehow.)

I'd rather be doing a lot of things other than potty training.
It's NOT one of my new favorite things.
It may be my least favorite part of my job.
I'd rather go to the dentist.
Heck, I'd rather to to my yearly gynecological exam!
I'd rather play limbo.
I'd rather listen to the Newsboys.
All painful things for me.
I'd rather NOT be cleaning poop from the trampoline. (Emma bounced in it before she noticed it.)
This is why diapers are BRILLIANT! Have we ever stopped to thank God for diapers? Imagine the life of a Mom before diapers. As if our job isn't gross enough already?
You would be on constant pooper-scooper duty.
No thanks.
But look at this adorable boy? Success is sweet. We get up and do the "Justus tee-teed in the potty" dance, and have some M&M's.
My favorite thing he does now that he's potty training is when he's decided he's done sitting, he stands up and makes a flushing sound and puts the lid down on his little potty.
He's so cute!
If you have brilliant potty training tips, bring em' on! I'm all ears! I want this job done by the time we leave for vacation in 8 days.
Everyone stop, and say a prayer. Thanks.

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