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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advent Conspiracy!

I love this video! I posted it last year, but take just a minute and look at this inspiring and fun video from Living Water on what they call Advent Conspiracy. It's been a blessing for the Seay/Bacak family as we have heard God call us to deeper worship through giving in the Advent season and all year long.
Christmas is a special time of year. No doubt about it. But what makes it special for us, and what emanates from us during this time should tell the world what is hapenning in our hearts during Advent; adoration for our Savior, and a deeper drive to live like He did.
I hope this gets us started in considering what God has for us this Advent season!


John Windell said...

You have my attention - I concur with your video. Advent Meditations by John E. Windell includes short story illustrations based on one of the scriptures from the Revised Common Lectionary for each day of Advent.

The Vann's said...

Thanks for posting this Jenn!
I remember seeing it last year but seeing it today made for a great reminder of what Christmas is all about. It's nice to start thinking about it too already b/c going into the holiday season with the right mindset will keep us remembering the real reason for Christmas.

Thank you!
ps...I miss you guys so much and desperately want to see you soon! It's been way too long! Will you be in the Houston area anytime? Maybe a trip to the zoo or Ren. festival??

alice said...

Jenn~ loved this! How can I post it to my facebook status???

alice lawrence
(from PEP)