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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Family Fun Day 2009!

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We love FFFD! It's one of my favorite days in the Bacak fam.
This was our seventh annual Fall Family Fun Day! I can't believe it!
It starts in the pumpkin patch.
I love pumpkin patch pictures.
The colors are unbeatable.
Then there's caramel apples.
The caramel apples were best ever this year! I made the caramel sauce with the wrapped caramels in a bag and added half and half to it. It melted into the best caramel we've ever made on FFFD. I have fine tuned the caramel apples for the least amount of mess and sticky as possible, and have increased the caramel to apple ratio. Cutting the apples just makes more sense. Everyone got their own caramel bowl this year, which was brilliant.
The pumpkin decorating and carving is fun too!
Enjoy the slideshow.


The Mosiers said...

So fun! I just love pumpkin patch pictures. I also love Fall Family Fun Day!!!

You'll have to email me some of those pictures. I have a picture of Tbear last year in the pumpkins, so I need an updated one :)

Miss you and love you!!

liz said...

glad you lots of my pics of my kiddos too! i need copies:)
i wished i could have come to the pumpkin patch:(
the caramel sounds wonderful, i'll have to try that!