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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winkflash books for Christmas!

Yes, I definitely have Christmas gifts on the brain already!
And these books were a great deal for us last year!
You can make a photo book up to 100 pages for $19.95!
You may find books you like better, but none cheaper that I know of.
I gave them to grandparents as gifts last year, and they loved them!
I just finished our 2008 book last night, and I finished at exactly 100 pages.
It's not as cool as scrapbooking, with minimal backgrounds, fonts, creative
possibilities, but you know what, I got it done! And I have three more
books to make before the special runs out on October 24th, I think.
So get busy if you are like me! I'm photobooking at every possible free moment, which are incredibly few.
It takes a while to upload your photos on the site, but I let my run for like
two days, highlighting all of them, and it finally finished and I was ready to go!
For next year, I'm re-evaluating. I'm thinking about a new system...but for now,
these cheap books are too good of a deal to pass up!


Laurie M said...

You turned me on to this last year and I was able to make a wonderful book from my trip to Italy for $20. Thank YOU!

The coupon code expires the 14th (Wed)...I'm feverishly working on our summer book. Might not have much commentary!

Jennifer Bacak said...

My e-mail said the code expires the 21st? Where did you see that? You sent me into a panic!!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I said the 24th in the post, but since the panic I went back and checked the e-mail...I need to know.

Laurie M said...

The email I received at the end of September said the sale ended 14th..maybe they extended it? The code I am using is FLATRATE..do you have a different one?

I went back and checked the email again as well....interesting. Thanks for the heads up!