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Monday, October 19, 2009

Spoons: My new office

College Station friends: A new day has dawned for us.
Frozen yogurt has been restored to us, after much waiting, anticipating, lingering in this barren land of strictly fatty desserts.
Spoons has opened! And this place is brilliant! It's a self serve yogurt shop, with fun toppings to choose from, and they just weigh it, and you pay it.
I love it! I went twice this weekend. Friday, on the Grand Opening, on a hot date with my husband, and then back on Saturday night with my sister.
I had to restrain myself from driving by on Sunday to see if they were open.
There are many choices, but I have a favorite already. Pistachio with Andes mints topping. It's like chocolate chip mint ice cream, basically, but it's only 100 calories per 1/2 cup.
I've decided I must do all business there from now on.
When I meet with college girls, we're meeting there.
It's my new office.
Why? Because Titus 2 says I should be mentoring younger women, and some versions of the Bible might imply to do that over frozen yogurt.
The owner checked us out on Friday, and he said this was a class project that took off! He got an alumni to be the investor, and here we are! Blessed with yummy frozen yogurt!
I might school my children there later.
See y'all there!
(This was in no way a paid endorsement from the owners of Spoons, like on the Biggest Loser when they do those oh-so-subtle commercials for products that will "help" them lose weight. This was completely inspired by my own excitment over pistachio frozen yogurt. But I am going to check with them to see if they'll pay me from now on...)


Trent and Andrea said...

my friend is the owner! that is so fun and i am so glad you love it. i can't wait to head on over there!

i think one week of countdown needs to be at spoons. thoughts?

The Wakefields said...

Wow, I really wish we still lived in College Station! I LOVE pistacio ice cream, but am trying to cut calories, so I know I would be crazy about the yogurt!


the groves said...

Where is it???

Sounds awesome! Especially when you have a sore throat! :)

The Farmers said...

Oh this makes me so excited! I have missed TCBY and can't wait to try this place. We have a doctors appointment Wednesday with the great Dr. Bacak and I will see if we can swing by. Where is it located?

Melissa Terry said...

This sounds FABULOUS! Its definitely making this girl have a c-r-a-v-i-n-g!! :)

Jennifer Bacak said...

It's located where the old Bennigans was, on Texas, across the way from the new Chic-Fil-A. Also next to the new coffee shop, Muldoon's, that we haven't tried yet.

Rachel H said...

the roommates and I went there tonight. it was so good! my new fav.

The Mosiers said...

Why did we not go there on Sunday?!

We have a place just like that up the road from us and it has become a Mosier family favorite. I think we've been once a week since we discovered it. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Mark called me when I was out of town this past weekend just to tell me he spotted Spoons! He was SO excited!!!