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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Jean Lafitte's Cajun Food
If you are going to take a roadtrip, it's my opinion that you should never stop at a chain-anything to eat. According to the rules of the Bacak vacation, you look for someplace with character. Someplace hillbilly, home-owned, or even weird, in order to make a memory.
Well, we did just that as we ventured into East Texas. This is my first restaurant review, but it must be shared. If you find yourself in Palestine Texas, it would be a cryin' shame if you didn't stop at Jean Lafitte's Cajun Food. We stopped there not only because of the giant boar's head sticking out of one end of the place, and half a boat sticking out the other; but also because Jax really had to use it. Good thing, because otherwise we might have missed out on this "only in East Texas" experience. (We found ourselves saying that frequently during dinner.)
The decor of this place is a 50/50 split between pirates and hunting. The front of the menu has a skull and crossbones on it. The walls are totally covered in weapons of every kind, and dead animals. Not only taxidermied animals, but animal skulls, with the most cool being a few crocodiles. The kids were totally beyond excited by this!
98% of the menu was fried, of course, and you could order most anything in a basket. But best of all, everybody could help themselves to cornbread and beans. Awesome! The thing the kids loved the most were the walls you could "color on", so we signed our names right near the bathroom. Look for it when you stop in.
Rusty most loved an old sign on the wall that was an ad for "rectal dilators", which we are dying to get for our office. (The sign, not the rectal dilators.)
This place had character out the whazoo! You must see it for yourself! So make a note to self: stopping at McDonalds or Dairy Queen is for boring people. Don't do it! Make a memory, and then share it on your blog. I will totally go there!

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Hendrick Family said...

This would have been much more memorable if Rusty would have stolen the sign for the office. Remember...you will be driving back through on your way home!!! Wear a baggy shirt!