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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Story When Jesus was Born by Emma Bacak

When Jesus first, there was someone named Mary. She had an angel told her she's gonna have a little baby named Jesus. So the angel told that back to her husband. Then her husband put Mary on a donkey! And then, the husband...he just walked. And then, they went and went to the place called BETHLEHEM! And when they went to Bethlehem, there's a lot, a lot of people. Mary been gotting tired. So they went to the hotel, best there's NO ROOM. Best then, a man told them there's a stable where they can be there. And then when Mary was at the stable resting on the hay, she had Jesus in her tummy! And then Jesus came out! And when Jesus came out, all the animals looked at it. There was lots and lots of people coming. But then an angel told some shepherdsmen to come there and see Jesus! And when they did, he's been so born and tiny. Best then he growed up into a kid, a couple of few days...best then he grew up bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger... then he stopped. Then he was God's Son.
The End

(Well, this story been true. It's been true, true, true. Please tell everyone this story. Bye-Bye.)


Brooke said...

Emma! You're a wonderful story teller!!! I'll be sure and pass that story along. It was fun to see you last night! -brooke

Lyns said...

I love your heart for Jesus and wanting to pass his story along! You are a joy.