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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Adventures of FEARLESS EMMA...

Okay, if you know my Emma, you know she is crazy. She will do just about anything. And yet, it still amazes me. Today, she did the zip line. Not like the zip line in the Hendrick's backyard. (No offense to the Hendrick's zip line, because the fact that they have a zip line in their backyard is the coolest, and we won't minimize that!) But this is about a 50 ft. tall zip line that zips over the lake. It's huge. I did it last year, but I have to confess there was trepidation in my heart. Rusty took her during nap time to do this, so I didn't get to witness it first hand, nor do I have a picture yet. But he said the easiest part for her was jumping off the edge to zip across. She didn't even hesitate. (insane!) But getting across the elements, as their called, was most difficult because she was just too little. Basically you tightrope across some sections, but there are cables to hang on to with your hands. She couldn't reach them, so she was tightroping 50 feet in the air like a stinkin' circus performer. (I've often wondered if she had a future in the circus. If you've ever seen her shimmy up a pole in 10 seconds flat, you would know what I'm talking about.) This was frustrating to her that she couldn't reach some of the things, so someone finally had to carry her across that part. But Rusty said when she got to the platform to jump off, Fearless Emma jumped right off. Thank God for secure harnesses.
Tomorrow, we'll do it again. The thing we love about Fearless Emma is that if you ask her if she wants to try something, no matter if she is by far the tiniest kid around, she will always reply "Sure." What great promise this could bring for her life! She will experience things that all of us wish we had. I'm pretty sure that if we flew her up in an airplane and told her to jump and parachute off, she would. (I have no doubt she will do this someday. I think we'll wait a few years.) It makes me nervous and proud at the same time. It just makes Rusty proud.
Fun, Fun, Fun! More tomorrow!


Hendrick Family said...

Way to go, Emma. That gave me an ulcer just reading about it. I would have been cheering for you, but not looking at you. By the way...your dad is nuts...always check with your mom before doing stuff. Your dad just thinks he could fix you if you did anything awful to break yourself. I'm pretty sure he could too, but I don't think any of us mortals could take it if he were put to the test in this area. Wow! I'm so proud of you, I'm going to buy you a dress tomorrow. A cute one. You do our kind PROUD. Love you, Em!

The Dornaks said...

Wow! Fearless is right! Don't worry Jen...I think you have to be 18 yrs old before you can jump out of a plane with a parachute. Of course I waited until I was 26 and married...that way at least Mark got my life insurance policy money if "something went wrong". Hah!Anyway, you guys have fun!

The Garratts said...

I'm impressed. Our kids will only have me to do stuff like that since their father is scared of heights, roller coasters, jumping from things, bouncing, etc. And everything else fun.

Can't wait to hear more!!