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Monday, July 24, 2006

OUR FAVORITE THINGS...in no particular rank, because that's too much pressure

Jenn's favorite things:
I like...
-My new favorite creamer; Chocolate Caramel by International Delights! Truly DE-lightful! Worth waking up for!
-brand new lip balm. Can't live without it. (When Justus eats it and rubs it all over his face it makes me really sad. He thinks it's sunblock AND a yummy snack.)
-Little House on the Prairie; hands-down, my favorite show ever made- despite Rusty's relentless mocking that everyone on the show goes blind.
-a good fictional book, that does not necessarily make me better as a person, but is so real to me I start to pray for the characters, and I try to never finish because I don't want it to end.
-napping with my little snugglebugs, which is right now just Jax. Emma has outgrown it, and Justus hasn't grown into it yet. One of my favorite Mommy things, for sure!

Heather, are you impressed that only one of these is food related?

Emma's favorite things:
I like...
-going to the Hendrick's
-playing with my little brother Justus
-playing "Happy Thoughts" with Mommy and snuggling
-chocolate milk
-lizards, animals, horses, and cowgirls, YEE-HAW!

Jax's favorite things:
I like...
-when Justus chases me a lot and tackles me
-to eat some food cause I so hungry
-to do this (standing on one foot with all
his other limbs in a funny position)
-to play hide-and-seek and play games
-rocketships with Indian's on them
(these are paper airplanes with Indians drawn on them, holding various
weapons... I'd love to explain why, but I don't really know.)

Justus' favorite things:
Wouldn't we love to know? But the boy doesn't talk.

Rusty's favorite things:
Since he's not here, I'm going to take a guess...this is a true test of our marriage.

-Aggie football, in the Glory Days, he likes to call them, back when he was in college. (And yes, to the shock of our friends now in college, was before the internet was invented.)
-Playing soccer, though he is still hoping for someone to start an over 30 league. He's tired of these young whipper-snappers!
-Pina Colada smoothies, anywhere, but mostly in Mexico!
-Christmas, and putting up his Christmas lights that can be seen from Hwy. 6, during the holiday season.
-80's music. He's an 80's music trivia machine. Put him to the test!


The Garratts said...

I love Little House on the Prairie, And Mike loves Aggie Football in it's Glory days.

Hendrick Family said...

I like coffee, so I'm sure I would like your creamer...and YES...I am SHOCKED only one of your favorite things was food related...

I would have thought your list would have looked like...

Monday morning marmalade muffins with a side of Monkey Lovin
Tuesday Tuna Tacos at Twelve Noon
Wednesday Watermelon Waffles with White Wine
Thursday Thanksgiving Dinner with Turtle Teal Tableware
Friday Fried Chicken and Foosball
Saturday Sausage Sticks with side of Salmon while playing soccer
Sunday Sushi
Fifth Sunday Suddenly Salad and Singin'

And Emma...

One of our favorite things is for YOU to be at our house! See you tonight!

Lyns said...

Something involving coffee is first on my list of 'likes' too! I know it is in no particular order, but that is the first thing that comes to mind too!

I would love to see the 'Favorite Things' list of food! I hear that you can put it away and lots of it.....and stay skinny! I really think that you should look into becoming a restaurant food critic! How fun would that be??? Seriously, food is a very deep-rooted passion of mine as well. My food list is something along the sorts of:
Chili Dogs
Hamburgers (good-old fashioned kind)
Italian Food (anything...for real)
Cheese Enchiladas

But, I wish it looked more like this for the sake of health and my healthy hubby:
Soy Milk
Ground Turkey (98% fat free)
Whole Wheat Flour

No wonder I have a hard time with this 'diet'. My two lists are the complete opposite!

See ya!

D. Bacak fam said...

My favorites list includes Aggie football in the current days. 80's trivia challenge for Rusty..."Too Shy" by ????

Jennifer Bacak said...

Okay, I am aware that Heather calls me a fat lady on the inside...although it's not my favorite description of myself.
But the "still stay skinny" part- let me make clear- takes a lot of work. I ran four and 1/2 miles today, and hopefully that will help cover the steak we are cooking out tonight. (Although red meat is a rarity in this house.) So for you skinny people who don't work-out...you know who you are...it's a miracle we're friends. This is not my reality. Ashley and I are sweating at the gym early in the morning while y'all are still home in your pj's! (Can I hear an Amen, Ashley?)
But my food list:
(in no particular order)
-Sushi, with a side of monkey
-My new favorite- chicken wings
-Blue Bell, and all things that you put it on top
-7-layer salad, a holiday favorite
-of course, coffee with all the fun stuff in it

You can mock me, but you'll want to come over for dinner! We're usually having something good!

The Garratts said...

AMEN!!! And still a little chubby and proud! I love food!

Jennifer Bacak said...


D. Bacak fam said...

Kajagoogoo. Close enough.

D. Bacak fam said...

Kajagoogoo. Close enough.

arlene said...

can we really forget the amazing muffins in paradise??