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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Chicken Egg Layer by Emma Bacak

Well, the chicken had some baby eggs from inside of her. One cracked out and said "cheep,cheep,cheep,cheep." It was kind of funny. Her Mom said "Stop that", and she did. Then all the eggs cracked out with worms in their mouths. Then all of them went on a hunt. Then the chickens got lost. Then they found their way back home, and when they did, Jesus came down, from the sky, and he told them to go back. Then they went back, and comed back again, and that was okay. Then there were some babies said "cheep,cheep,cheep,cheep" and more of them said "cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep." It was kind of funny like that. Then they went home, laying on their nests, and at night one of the chickens had a dream about a bunny rabbit trying to get their egg hopping around. Then that chick lay there, and went to sleep again. But then it was morning again, and the chicks were tyring to sleep, even their mother. So she went "CHEEP!" and woke them up. And they got breakfast, eating grass with the horses, and hay with the horses. Best then, they did lunch, and when they did lunch, they found a hat. The farmer best gave them some food. The chicks went to eat everything, and the mom tried to stop them. They went home. Een End

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Hendrick Family said...

What a great story, Emma. Most people would never be able to fit that many farm animals in one story...but you are a pro! Hayden said, "that's funny." Then he giggled...kind of like a girl. Hope to see you soon! I'm sorry your mom has been throwing up. That's pretty gross...but very sad too.