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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Call For Prayer

I hesitate to write this, and I don't know why. What is it about us that makes us want to crawl into our shell when some trial is upon us? It makes us long for privacy, even when it's not what we necessarily need. This is a strange first paragraph, so let me just jump into it.
Rusty is concerned that Justus could possibly have a disease called neurofibromatosis. He's concerned by the spots he has on his back. He definitely has mongolian spots, and if you know him or have kept him in the nursery, you know what I'm talking about. But he also has what Rusty thinks are "cafe ole spots.' These can be indicative of this disease. I don't really understand this disease. I know it can affect many different things, like bone formation, eye sight, tumor growth, neurological delays, etc. It can affect learning abilities, and language development. Rusty's concern began with Justus' speech delay, but is mostly due to these spots. He just would like to rule this out in his mind. So we are seeing a dermatologist tomorrow. We are nervous. We would like your prayer. We hope the dermatologist can give us a definitive answer, as to whether or not we need to pursue testing for this disease. This disease is untreatable. There would be no course of medicine or treatment. But knowing would make us aware of what could come, and what to look for.
We've been kind of emotional today, and we feel weird writing this. But we want as much focused prayer for our Little Bear as possible! Hopefully, tomorrow, maybe by the time you read this, we will have victorious news to share! But whatever we find, we know our God loves Justus and us generously, and we just want to bring glory to Him in whatever our circumstances.


Garratts said...

Always praying for our friends.


Hendrick Family said...

On it.


We're covering you.

the groves said...

Thank you for letting us know how we can pray for you.

We are praying for you!

freemans4jc said...

Thank you for sharing and allowing us to cover Justus and your family in prayer.

I am praying for you.


Kathryn Berilla said...

Know that you are covered in prayer and praise God for putting Justus exactly where he needs to be.

Love you!!!!

JudyD. said...

I am praying!

I had Justus in the nursery last night at church. We were reading a book (mainly going through each picture) and when I pointed to the hat and said "hat", he said "hat"...when I pointed to the sock and said "sock", he said "sock"!

It was very exciting!!! :)

freemans4jc said...

As I worked through one of your studies on "holiness" this morning the Lord gave me a few of your own words to give back to you in this time.

"Thank You God that you are always

revealing Yourself to us,

renewing us,

making us shinier and more dazzling in Your sight,

and all the while,

hold every detail of our lives in Your hand.

You never cease to amaze me Lord!

We want to be holy, as You are holy. Amen."

He holds every detail!

Trust and rest in that.

Still praying...


Jennifer Bacak said...

Thank you Cindy! He is definitely making us holy. And I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...