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Monday, November 13, 2006


We just got back from the Doctor, and it's great news! He said that his spots are mongolian spots, and some congenital moles within those, but only one did he call a true cafe au lait spot. This is not enough to worry about neurofibromatosis. He felt confident of this. He said we could biopsy them to be sure, but neither he or Rusty wanted to do that. We are so relieved! His beautiful, coffee colored skin can stay beautiful! (This disease causes terrible tumors to grow all over the body.) We are filled with joy!
Rusty apologized to me for putting us through this, but I want you all to know, that this is what makes my husband an amazing Dad and Doctor. He is a very thorough thinker, and brilliant to say the least. (It's okay for a wife to brag for a moment, even though he will desperately try to erase this from our blog.) God is always reminding us how incredibly thankful we should be! What a great reminder during this season!
Your prayers and love again bless us beyond measure. We are so proud to be apart of our Body at LH, and to have families that will pray for us faithfully. Continue praying for Justus, and his speech and language development. We see the fruit of your prayers already.


Kathryn Berilla said...

Praise the LORD!!!!

He is so faithful.

God will do amazing things with him.

Always praying for your family.

Melodi said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was praying for y'all this afternoon and was THRILLED to pull up this blog and see that the entire Amazing Bacak family can celebrate and rest in the Lord tonight! I'm also thankful for quick answers to prayer! We love your family so much!